preparation´s running…

entzaubert is all for free and/or for donation,-- however, we will need your contribution and help to make this event happen noncommercially with a RadicalQueerDIY-spirit !
*please contribute with what you can & like!*

come set up the space before; or let us know if you do bar shifts, make popcorn, bake cakes, help cleaning during and after the event, do technical support during the screenings etc
contact us
on the following dates we will be setting up on schwarzer kanal to fix spaces & screens, clean, decorate, build …:

sat. 23.5 noon till sunset
sat. 30.5 & 31.5 noon till sunset

feel free to join us!

last but not least… call for chairs:
we need more chairs for you to sit on!
if you have/ find some, please bring them to schwarzer kanal directly!

thank you! and see you soon!