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xxxhello schätzchenxxx

by the way….we are definately not accepting any more submissions this year
> unless you have been in touch with us already

we have received many exciting and interesting films and will now go into the challenging phase to prepare the program for this years festival

xxx a huge THANKxYOU to everyone who submitted their work!! xxx

+++++++++ festival dates: july 7 – 11 +++++++++++

watch this space, we will keep you posted soon about this year’s workshops

… and hey !
if you happen to have some free time between now and then, if you‘re up for helping with this or that (now or closer to the festival) get in touch with us#

for xample
> making subtitles !
> translations (engl> german; german> engl; port.> engl or german; maybe others too)

later/ beginning of july…
> setting up the space
> donate a fridge :) (must still work!)

during the festival…
> barshifts
> lending your equipment for workshops :)
> making cakes

email us !
entzaubert [at]
subject: helping