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* deadline extended: april 23 *

we have received wonderful submissions already — THANKYOU!
however also there are many requests for extension, so to make it fair for everyone we have officially extended the deadline for another three weeks. looking forward!

* mini-entzaubert *

14. & 15. april 2012
New China, Queer China
recent queer Chinese documentaries
with filmmaker Fan Popo

all films with english subtitles

Program I
*** New China, Queer China***
samstag/ 14. april, 15h
Silverfuture (Weserstr. 206)

Program II
***Be a Woman***
sontag/ 15. april, 19h
Berlin Avantgarde (Nollendorfstr. 11/12)

We are pleased to welcome Fan Popo, queer Chinese documentary filmmaker and current chair of the Beijing Queer Film Festival. In two different screenings, he will present recent queer Chinese works, looking at family relations, a street intervention, festival activism, and a unique drag bar. Popo will be present to answer your questions after each program.

A co-presentation with entzaubert Queer DIY Film Festival, Berlin Avantgarde Gallery, and Beijing Queer Film Festival. All films in Mandarin with English subtitles. Both programs are free admission, with donations collected to support the festival in Beijing and Popo’s travel.

***Program One: New China, Queer China***
Time: Saturday 14 April at 3pm
Location: Silverfuture, Weserstr. 206

Mama Rainbow (trailer)
6 min. China 2012
Four mothers stand firmly by their queer children, defying homophobic attitudes and redefining Chinese family love. The full film will be finished in 2012.

New Beijing New Marriage
18 min. China 2009
On Valentine’s Day in 2009, a gay couple and a lesbian couple have their wedding photos taken on a busy street in Beijing. Would bystanders understand what was going on?

Our Story – 10 years “guerrilla warfare” of the Beijing Queer Film Festival
Dir: Beijing Queer Film Festival Organizers
42 min. China 2011
For ten years the Beijing Queer Film Festival has battled official oppression and homophobia to fight for more visibility for gay and lesbian issues in China. This film documents this struggle and the “guerrilla tactics” used by the festival’s organizers.

***Program Two: Be a Woman***
Time: Sunday 15 April at 7pm
Location: Berlin Avantgarde, Nollendorfstr. 11/12

Be a Woman
84 min. China 2011
On Gonghe Road in Nanning, southwestern China, there’s a bar called Only-Love, where luxurious merry-making happens every night. Three years of faithful documentation reveals an intimate look at this little-known drag queen subculture, bringing visibility to lives of beauty and occasional sadness.