entzaubert 2016 needs you!

*entzaubert is a diy film festival that has been taking place in Berlin since 2007*

Our organizing team is looking for new members who are interested in collective decision making, learning by doing, collaboration strategies, creating spaces for diy non-commercial art and culture, communicating honestly about capacities, skills and tasks, handling conflicts and disagreements responsibly and with care for each other, and having fun at working hard.
You are invited to contribute, participate and help to make this year’s festival happen!

We‘re especially looking for people with experience with:
• PROJECT MANAGEMENT (scheduling, email communication, setting timetables etc)
• WEBSITE (programing, updating, including online forms for our film submissions)
• FINANCIAL MATTERS (cost accounting, financial planning and of course funding)
…if you have time, energy and enthusiasm but no experience you‘re also very welcome!

Please download, fill out our FORM and email it to entzaubert@gmail.com by February 29.
More info about entzaubert you can find HERE.

Please note: we‘ll release a specific call out for programming, subtitling, and for the volunteers (during the festival) LATER ON.

………..come and be part of it!…………