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******** CALL­OUT FOR SUB­MIS­SI­ONS *******

ent­zau­bert is a queer d.i.y. film fes­ti­val hap­pe­ning 3-6 july 2014 in ber­lin

we will crea­te a space for queer/fe­mi­nist d.i.y. ci­ne­ma – you pro­vi­de the films!

we are look­ing for mo­vies wi­t­hin or bey­ond….
arty, punky, no-​bor­ders, an­archic, do­cu­men­ta­ries, porn, tras­hy, ex­pe­ri­men­tal, fe­mi­nist, aids/hiv, funny, se­rious, low or no bud­get, music, qua­li­ty, sub­ver­si­ve, bikes, con­cise, in­ter­na­tio­nal, ho­mo-​so­cia­list, ho­mo­se­xua­list, qtpoc, re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry, crazy, an­ti-​ab­list, po­ly­amo­rous, mo­no­ga­mous, lazy, pro­ble­ma­tic, tran­ny-​dy­ky, faggy, old, brand-​new, pro­vo­ca­ti­ve, gla­mo­rous, dif­fi­cult, hot, lesbo, camp, bo­ring, ……we wel­co­me films in any lan­gua­ge – mul­ti­ple lan­gua­ge/sub­tit­les are al­ways app­re­cia­ted.
if that’s not pos­si­ble, sub­mit any­way! we will try to find sub­tit­lers.

op­po­sing ca­pi­ta­lism with its in­herent so­ci­al in­e­qua­li­ties, pri­son in­dus­try and mi­li­ta­ry, is clo­se­ly con­nec­ted to the fight against trans-​ and ho­mo-​dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on, se­xism and he­te­ro­s­e­xism, as well as ra­cism, fa­scism and mi­li­ta­rism, pa­tho­lo­giza­t­i­on, in­c­ar­ce­ra­ti­on and sex­wor­kers rights.

******* WORK­SHOPS *********

would you like to share your skills, teach or prac­tice teaching?
we plan to or­ga­ni­ze a coup­le of work­shops du­ring the fes­ti­val.
we would like *you* to pre­pa­re,
mo­de­ra­te or host them – or share equip­ment if you can…

This might be filming, edit­ing, di­rec­ting, sub­tit­ling, wri­ting, costu­mes, ma­ke-​up, ac­ting, light/sound/ca­me­ra as well as work­shop di­s­cus­sions.
write an email with the sub­ject „work­shop“ with your ideas!

******** CON­TACT AND DEAD­LINE *******

dead­line: 15 march 2014
con­tact: ent­zau­bert AT gmail DOT com
entry form and more in­for­ma­ti­on: entzaubert.​blogsport.​de
send ent­ri­es to: ent­zau­ber­t2014en­tri­es AET gmail com