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Homecoming: re-|-member. queer spaces, now and then

Tom’s Gift
Todd Verow & Charles Lum
2012, USA, 7:00, English
A nostalgic reminiscence on the glory-hole-equipped back rooms of a rural novelty shop called Tom’s Gift, a hidden yet popular gay cruising grounds which no longer exists. The narrator reflects upon rest stops and other such spaces, and what the loss of these spaces means for cruising in the internet age.

Brixton Fairies
Taha Hassan
2014, UK, 34:00, English
A series of interviews with members of the Gay Liberation Front, who squatted several buildings on Railton Road in Brixton, London in 1970s. They ran Britain’s first Gay Community Center and radical gay counseling service, organized the first Pride events in London, and fought via direct action for gay rights. They were also involved in anti-fascist, feminist, and other liberation movements.

Bang Bang
Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine
2011, Canada, 1:40, English
100 Photoshop retouches to rebuild a skull damaged 40 years ago by a racist teacher who abused a student.

ub2: the language of dating on the internet
Dan Goldes
2011, USA, 4:48, English
HIV-positive men discuss the impact of terms such as “clean” and “disease-free” on their experiences in online dating communities. A discussion of the power of language as a labeling and ostracizing mechanism.

In Queer Corners
Sharlene Bamboat & Dina Georgis
2013, Canada, 5:40, English
In Queer Corners is a collaborative video by Dina Georgis and Sharlene Bamboat. The video examines the ways in which archives harbour stories, those that are spoken, and those left unsaid.

Bay 1
Kate Huh
2013, USA, 4:00, no language
A continuous POV shot from a person swimming and observing her surroundings at Bay 1 of Riis beach, a meeting place for the LGBT community in NYC since the 1950s.

For Flo
Cary Cronenwett
2013, USA, 10:00, English
The filmmaker paints a portrait of his brief but magical relationship with his collaborative partner and close friend Flo McGarrell in the wake of Flo’s death. The filmmaker tells the story of their friendship, the work they made together, and their unfinished work-in-progress.
Der Filmemacher kreiert ein Portrait der kurzen und magischen Beziehung mit seinem verstorbenen Kollegen und nahen Freund Flo McGarrel. Er erzählt die Geschichte einer Freundschaft und unbeendeten Zusammenarbeit.

Alberto Abbate
2013, Portugal, 9:06, Italian (eng subs)
Marco is going to take the HIV test for the first time and has to wait twenty minutes for the result. Follow his inner and outer turmoil as he waits.
Zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben wird Marco einen HIV Test machen und wartet 20 Minuten auf das Resultat. Dieser Film begleitet ihn durch seinen inneren und äusseren Unruhen, während er wartet.

Friday | Freitag 4.7. | 17h
family traces

Finding a Place to Sleep
Juli Saragosa
2013, 7:13min Germany; English / Ukrainian with German Subtitles
Based on stories my grandmother told me, I re-imagine while working as a cleaner the experiences of my ancestors during the Holodomor (forced famine) in Ukraine during the Stalinist-Soviet era. The „film“ image is re-invented through digital video to enact a sense of ambiguity between authenticity and fiction, as can also be present in the act of oral storytelling. This is one chapter in “Stories for a Future Generation,” a series of shorts which together tell the stories of my family’s and my own migrations, and the inter-generational impacts of those upon our lives and on those of our family’s future generations.
Basierend auf Geschichten, die mir meine Großmutter erzählt hat, denke ich während meiner Arbeit als Putzkraft über die Erfahrungen meiner Vorfahren nach während dem Holodomor (Tötung durch Hunger) in der Sowjetära vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Das “Film” – Bild wird durch digitales Video neu erfunden, um ein Gefühl der Mehrdeutigkeit zwischen Authentizität und Fiktion entstehen zu lassen. Ein “Zwischenraum”, welcher auch in der mündlichen Erzählung von Geschichte und Geschichten auftreten kann. Dieser Film ist das erste Kapitel in “Geschichten an folgende Generationen”, eine Serie von Kurzfilmen, welche die Geschichte erzählen von der Migration meiner Familie und mir und dem generationsübergreifenden Einfluss dessen auf unser Leben und das Leben folgender Generationen.

I could be her, she could be me
Delphine Kermorvant
2012, 2.29, France/Germany, english
Digital story telling. Grand-mother Grand-daughter, a reflexion on what it is to be a woman.

Eine lästige Gesellschaft / An Undesirable Society

Marika Schmiedt
2001; 70min; Österreich; Deutsch mit engl. UT/ German with engl Subtitles;
The aftermaths of the holocaust affect the second and third generations – daughters, sons, grandchildren, who have to live with the fact that their families were killed in the concentration camps. The documentary „Eine lästige Gesellschaft“ („An Undesirable Society“) shows the painstaking search of director Marika Schmiedt for her relatives who were persecuted during National Socialism. The audience is included into her research, thus challenged to share the weight of the destructions so many Austrians have been involved in, if “only” by silence and passivity. The destructions live on today. The film documents how crucially the fascist ideology of the past constitutes the attitude of contemporary society. Stereotypes and clichés invariably exist and influence the minds of the majority.
Eine Kamera begleitet die mühsame Suche von Marika Schmiedt nach Spuren ihrer ermordeten Großmutter. Ein Filmdokument, das den Massenmord an den Roma im Allgemeinen und das Schicksal ihrer Vorfahren im Besonderen in Erfahrung zu bringen sucht, zeigt die Realität einer jungen Frau, die – wie viele andere auch – ihre Verwandten in der Todesmaschinerie der Nationalsozialisten verloren hat. In Österreich bedeutet dies Bürokratie: 20 verschiedene Ämter, Wartezeiten wegen Kaffeepausen der Beamten, wiederholtes Besuchen  von Ämtern, weil Akten nun doch dort lagern sollen, Verlangen von schriftlichen Absichtserklärungen für die Einsichtnahme in Akten der Angehörigen.

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somewhere not here

Somewhere not Here

Ayumi Nakagawa
64:00 Japanese with English Subtitles
The break up, the dream, the troubles with his mother, the clubbing, pride events and so on. This film describes the real life of 27 years old gay male in Tokyo.

Friday | Freitag 4.7. | 19h30 Quorror

Betonsalon | KTS 13

Quorror: Queer Homage to Horror and Thriller
From cannibals in therapy, to romances amidst the zombie apocalypse, to flesh monsters effecting some sort of havoc, the films in this program are more likely to make you laugh at their campiness than avert your gaze in horror. Here you won’t find the frightening or gruesome typical of horror, but rather films which play with or pay homage to the genre in some way, as well as tales with a more creepy sensibility.

Kayleigh O’Keefe, UK, 2014, 3:19, no language
- A behemoth rises from the sea and uses her body mass to attack the city of London, which is built entirely from cardboard and packaging tape. This monster is sexy, fleshy, formidable, and bent on destruction.

Good Night My Love
Kellee Terrell, USA, 2013, 10:15, English
- In an apartment building overrun by zombies, Aimee and Cynthia hide in the laundry room to figure out their next move, and hash out the issues that have plagued their seven-year relationship.

Candy Cravings
dir. Sebastian Bertoli, script etc. Saara Lamberg, Australia, 2013, 7:08, English
- Sometimes you just love someone so much, you could eat them up! This lesbian cannibal tries to tell her woes to her therapist, only to find that she is far from cured.

Michael V. Smith, Canada, 2013, 2:30, no language
-A disembodied hand-creature brings a flaccid dick to life! A stylishly shot tale of tenderness and Frankensteinian awakening!

Theas Gespinst
Kristin Mudra, Germany, 2013, 9:28, German (English subs)
- A date between coworkers goes awry when one is disturbed by the mounted moose head above her date’s table. Specters and trans-species metamorphosis populate this tale, as well as some frightfully awful social awkwardness.

Gay Abandon
James Rosalind, Germany, 2014, 23:00, English
- A curious queer trio venture into the woods for some sexy fun and games, but things go terribly wrong when one is injured and another goes searching for help.

Friday | Freitag 4.7. | 20h30 Exploding Lineage!

guest program by queer rebels, san fransisco

Exploding Lineage! Art is our resilience. Experimentation is our queer of color history. From electric choreography to sexperimental video, hunger and the survival of our ancestors, these films juxtapose the legacies that we inherit alongside those we must create.
About the curators: Queer Rebels Productions (QRP) showcases queer artists of color, connects generations, and honors our histories with art for the future.
Total run time: 43 mins

Birthmarks [excerpt]

Naima Lowe
2007, USA, video, color, sound, 7 min., European Premiere
Birthmarks is an experimental non-fiction film about how Bill Lowe got beat up by the Newark police during the riots in 1967, and how he spent much of his life telling the tale to his daughter. Using archival footage, interviews, video, 16mm film, performances and writing by Bill and Naima Lowe, this film is about how fathers and daughters make beauty out of trauma and art out of living. Excerpt of a 29 min. piece.

Speculum Orum
M. Lamar & Stephen Winter
2013, USA, video, B&W, sound, 5 min.
Speculum Orum or Speculum Oris refers to a device used on slave ships to hold open the mouths of enslaved Africans force-feeding those who refused food. In this film, M. Lamar wants to understand this history through his black body and the body of his white male friend, and also play with role reversals.

Malaysian Memories
Celeste Chan
2013, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min., European Premiere
Sizzle. Pop. Fry. Celeste Chan interviews her father in this experimental documentary, uncovering his experience of Malaysia during WWII Japanese occupation. 

Persistence of Vision
KB Boyce & Elitrea Frye
2013, USA, video, color and B&W, sound, 4 min., European Premiere
Persistence of Vision seeks the intangible; it finds magic in the mundane. Original soundscape by E.K.B. (Boyce/Frye).

Lamka Lamsa
2013, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min., European Premiere
Lamka Lamsa is a term that comes from the distant future, describing a kind of nostalgia or longing for a culture that has been destroyed or lost. The term can also describe a method of time traveling to the past in order to enjoy one’s ancestral practices. For example, going back in time to enjoy foods that you and/or your grandmothers used to eat but do not exist anymore in the future. Background footage shot in the Philippines. Thank you Manila, Cebu, and Bohol. Music: “Rawroo” (excerpt) and “Lamka Lamsa.”

Free Jazz PT II
Gary Fembot Gregerson, Brontez Purnell & Jerry Lee Abram
2011, USA, 16mm-to-video, B&W, sound, 5 min., European Premiere
Electric-60s experimental choreography from a collaborative, multi-part film.

queer daikaiju
Miki Foster
2013, USA, video, color, sound, 10 min., European Premiere
Big Mysterious Monster // issei anarchists // queer mega shadows in violent acts of failure.

Love Bang
Việt Lê
2012, USA, video, color, sound, 6 min.,
Saturated with eye-popping colors and insatiable desires, Lê’s “sexperimental” music video examines historical trauma, collective memory and the effects of rapid modernization in Cambodia and Vietnam. Original Trilingual “Hip Pop” Love Song: Khmer, English, and Vietnamese

Friday | Freitag 4.7. | 22h
I m not your inspiration

how many times are we being talked about ? deliver material for inspiration for other people’s success?
the subject takes the camera into their own hands as a self empowering weapon to write own hi_erstory, reshape narratives and identities and define new ones.

Bestimmt nicht (certainly not)
Resa-Philip Lunau, Subir Che Selia; 2014; Deutschland; deutsche Laut- und Gebärdensprache, englische Untertitel, Lippenlesen möglich, Audiodeskription auf deutsch (für blinde Menschen geeignet) 20:00,

“Forget everything you believe to know about gender !” This Documentary/Short-movie urges you to listen, to show respect and acknowledge. This film shows five people that explain, criticize and demand.
“Alles was du über Geschlecht glaubst zu wissen, kannst du jetzt vergessen !” Denn in diesem Doku-Kurzfilm geht es darum, zu zuhören, Anerkennung und Respekt zu zeigen. Dieser Film lässt fünf Menschen erklären, kritisieren und fordern.

boi oh boi
Thirza Cuthand, Canada, 2012, 9:15; english
After a long period in life identifying as a Butch Lesbian, Cuthand considers transitioning to male. Shot partially on location in Hamburg, Germany, riding back and forth on the subway is a metaphor for her eventual acceptance of fluctuating between a masculine and a feminine gender.
Nach einer langen Zeit der Selfidentikation als Butch Lesbe erwägt Cuthand eine Transition. Zum Teil in der Hamburger U-Bahn gedreht, steht das hin-und-her Fahren der Bahn sinnbildlich für das schliessliche Annehmen sich zwischen Maskulinität und Femininität zu bewegen.

I‘m Not Your Inspiration 1-3
Sandra Alland | 7:35, 9:09, 9:46 | English | English subtitles
Film 1 = The first in a series of short documentaries by Sandra Alland about queer and trans* Deaf and disabled artists in Scotland. Writer and photographer Nathan Gale shares their work and discusses the intersection of their queer, trans* and crip identities. They also give the low-down on ‚inspiration porn‘: using disabled people or performers to make non-disabled audiences feel good about themselves.
I‘m not your inspiration II
Film 2 = The second of Sandra Alland’s short films about queer &trans* Deaf & disabled artists in Scotland. Deaf sign poet, Alison Smith, talks about her British Sign Language poetry, growing up as a traveller, and some issues facing queer disabled artists. Includes footage of Alison’s live performances and short films.
I‘m not your inspiration III
Film 3 = The third of Sandra Alland’s short films about queer & trans* Deaf & disabled artists in Scotland. Musician and visual artist Maki Yamazaki discusses visible and invisible disabilities, barriers to access for disabled and trans* artists, and the intersection of race, gender and ability. Featuring Maki’s performances, recordings and visual art.

Negro hair petting zoo
Carrie Hawks | 0:51| english
I made this film in response to many people treating me as an exotic object for having kinky hair. It’s meant to be playful but also opinionated.

can i be a popstar
debbie hu | 4:41 | ENGLISH
Aspiring Asian popstar gets drawn into the world of her white girlhood idols. Once she gets the chance to star in her own video she rebels and high on her own potent glamour a mixture of righteous anger at racism and unrequited lust burst forth. A catfight ensues and she emerges both victorious and reflective.