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sissi <3 <3
2012, DE / FR, no dialoge, 2:52min
is a stopmotion film made drawings to different donated genders genitals.. it shows a metamorphose, each genital transforms into an other one.. a funny play with genitals..

Tamíris Spinelli
2013, Brazil, Portuguese, engl subs, 10min4se
From self-documentary images made by trans* people and posted online, this cinematography essay seeks to expand the look upon their bodies, focusing on the subjectivities that transform the matter-body.

100 ramyons
Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine
2012, Canada/Québec, no dialogue, 100seconds
Cooking and eating a package of “oriental” instant noodles every day, as a repetitive life gesture, during 100 days.

Marit Östberg
2014, Germany, no language, 2 min 8 sec
Ladybeard knows. The cunt deserves every little thing. 

by Raphaële Frigon and Coral Short, Quebec, 2.02 min
Raphaële Frigon tragically and magically cries diamonds through stop animation. Her tears begin to transform her angelic face into a frighteningly beautiful and utterly new creature verging on the grotesque. Music by Charlie Prince

we come in peace
2013, Deutschland, English, 15min44, English text
Humans of the planet earth, for many rotations we have watched you from afar and now we have come. The wheel of life turns for all of us but we have learned to turn with it. You destroy and rebuild, conquer and rule, succeed and continue, fail and weep. We have come to end this cycle and replace it with new ones, we have come, all over your planet.

professional smoker
Joaquina Garrote Gasch
2013, Germany, 1″38s

„Short animation about smoke-dieting yourself in order tu success.“

Kerem Blumberg, 2012, Israel, Hebrew, English, 5 min
Two girls at a punk gig need to pee.

Juan Carlos Zaldivar
2012, USA, No dialogue, no dialogue, 5 minutes
SHIFT is a 5 minute short film  constructed of over 10,000 (ten thousand) photographs taken over a year and a half.
SHIFT follows the life of a character who is born from a tree and whose face is stolen by a wild dog. After wandering the landscape reflecting its environment,  looking for home, our character’s vision returns in an unsuspecting turn of events.

change over time
Ewan Duarte
2013, English, 7 min. 14 sec.
Change Over Time is an animated, experimental, personal documentary about the filmmaker’s first year on testosterone from an impressionistic and poetic perspective.
Subjects: Trans, Transition, FTM, Testosterone, First year on “T”

Carol-Ann Belzil Normand
2013, Canada, no dialogue, 01:04 min.
Tout-en-Un est un film d’animation qui joue avec les notions d’aliénations culturelles et physiques. C’est un projet qui juxtapose les visages de nationalités, de sexes et d’âges différents. Un algorithme géométrique est créé pour faire des altérations de l’image durant la progression du film.

une pair de mains et un pair de seins
Hall-U, 2013, France, 3min46

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Louder bitte!

Kumbia Queers: More Lauder bitte!
Natalia Sanhueza, Almut Wetzstein
2013, Deutschland, Spanisch/Deutsche/englisch with german Subtitles, 46 min.
latinamerican musicians touring through Germany in 2011. The sound of the Kumbia Queers has its source in a mix of rock, pop, punk and cumbia with a shade of queer. In their European Tour they present their reinterpretation of Cumbia, a musical style, which is known as chauvinistic and misogynistic in its lyrics and aesthetics. Ali, Pilar, Flor, Pat, Inés and Juana are not afraid to turn towards dancing rythms in spite of their punk roots. Nevertheless the Cumbia they propose is strongly influenced by their past. Their political, musical, cultural ideas, their D.i.Y-style and the recent argentinian history have still an effect on the content of their lyrics, their performance and their way of life. Through them we learn how to survive by making music in Argentina and México and how there is perceived the Queer and danceable way of being Punk.
Der 45-minütige Dokumentarfilm ‚Kumbia Queers: More lauder bitte! zeigt die sechs lateinamerikanischen Musikerinnen während ihrer Europa-Tour in Deutschland im Jahr 2011. Der Sound der Kumbia Queers entspringt aus einer Mischung aus Rock, Pop, Punk und Cumbia mit einer Nuance von Queer. Auf ihrer Europatour präsentieren sie ihre Reinterpretation von Cumbia, eine Musikrichtung die als machistisch und frauenfeindlich bekannt ist. Ali, Pilar, Flor, Pat, Inés und Juana fürchten sich nicht vor diesem tanzbaren Rhythmus obwohl ihr Ursprung im Punk liegt. Doch der Cumbia den sie auffahren ist stark beeinflusst von ihrer Vergangenheit. Ihre politischen, musikalischen und kulturellen Ideen, ihr D.i.Y.-Stil und die jüngste argentinische Geschichte hat Einfluss auf den Inhalt ihrer Songtexte, ihrer Performance und ihren Lebenstil. Durch sie erfahren wir, wie es möglich ist durch Musik in Argentinien und Mexiko zu überleben und wie dort Queer und die tanzbare Art Punk zu sein, wahrgenommen wird.

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do you like me yes no maybe

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The less we exist
Chaleur humain
the package
Polyamourous God
Rituels Queer
Spineless Deities
Two Boys and a sheep
lovers of my lover
in berlin we die alone (should be here)

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P. Ula Dutlu, Özge Özgüner 60:00 Turkish English
History of the first self organizated trans* men group in Turkey.
In Voltrans, trans men share their stories and experiences of being transgender in Turkey, shedding light on complex questions and opening up new spaces for further discussion. An organization for solidarity among trans men, Voltrans has a special place in Turkey’s LGBT movement, not only because trans men are less visible than other LGBT individuals, but also there is something inherently confusing and uncomfortable about saying “I am a man” in a movement that stands opposite to patriarchy. But it’s good to be confused sometimes, and it’s this initial confusion that trans men share with the audience in Voltrans. Both a documentary and a project of oral history, the film goes a long way in opening up new spaces regarding gender, sexuality and sexual identity. The stories of Aligül, Sinan, Kanno and others are not just of interest to the LGBT community. Their struggle to create and choose an identity in spite of government and social oppression will be eye-opening and inspiring to anyone with an inquiring mind.

In Voltrans teilen Trans*männer ihre Geschichten und Erfahrungen zu Transsein in der Türkei, bringen Licht auf komplexe Fragen und kreieren neue Räume für weiterführende Diskussionen. Als eine Organisation für die Solidarität unter Trans*männern hat Voltrans eine besondere Position in der türkischen LGBT Bewegung, nicht nur weil Trans*männer weniger sichtbar sind als andere LGBT Personen, sonder auch weil etwas zutiefst verwirrendes und unbequemes darin liegt zu sagen “Ich bin ein Mann” in einer Bewegung, welche sich dem Patriarchat entgegensetzt. Aber manchmal ist es gut verwirrt zu sein und es ist genau diese Verwirrung, welche die Trans*männer mit dem Publikum von Voltrans teilen. Als Dokumentation und als Projekt mündlicher Geschichte, geht dieser Film einen langen Weg darin neue Räume um Gender, Sexualität und Identität zu eröffnen. Die Geschichten von Aligül, Sinan, Kanno und anderen sind nicht nur wichtig für die LGBT Community. Ihr Ringen darum eine Identität zu wählen und kreieren trotz staatlicher und sozialer Unterdrückung wird die Augen all jener öffnen welche einen neugierigen Geist haben.

This is the first film of Ula and Özge. One of the main characters Ali was fighting cancer and past away before the film was finalized.
“Having sprung up in 2012 from the wish of trans men that get organized under Voltrans to document their own histories, the documentary project gained momentum when Ali (Aligül) was taken to hospital in 2013 and aimed at the selection of important turning points throughout the history of the movement. Upon watching the 90 minute version of the film together in the hospital one day, Ali (Aligül) turned to us and said: ‘I won’t watch the ultimate version – it shall be a suprise for me.’ Even if he didn’t have the chance to see it, we know that Ali is always with us…’’