The Polyamorous Experience: Film Script Writing Workshop
3 day workshop à 3 hours:
thursday 3. July
friday 4. July
saturday 5. July
12 – 15:00
Studio space, Karpfenteichstrasse

*workshop will be in english language*
Limited participants. Please register by sending an email to:

Workshop facilitators: Piret Karro and Jan Lubicz Przyłuski

During the 3-day workshop, we’ll be exploring the phenomenon of polyamory through the means of film script writing. We’ll be looking into the many folds of polyamory by working with phases of film script development through a 3-hour session each day. Anyone can join, regardless of having any experience with polyamory or writing a film script.

Day 1: The concept of polyamory
We’ll be discussing Polyamory as a personal experience that asks the subject to let go of conservative moral principles and adjust to a more dynamic and complex system of personal relationships. The possible topics to explore are unconventional love, religious taboos, different sexualities, letting go of ownership and jealousy, partnership, loneliness, revolting the system, the representation of polyamory in a monogamy-dominated culture.

Day 2: Narrative
The subthemes of polyamory are explored through techniques of writing a film script. A polyamorous love story can function as a model for developing n
on-linear narrative structure, analysing different possibilities of story-telling while depicting different relationships within one polyamorous group of
people in the story. The narratives can be created by deconstructing existing narrative models and re-creating them in the queer context or by creating a story from scratch, using personal experience as inspiration.

Day 3: Characters
In the last session, we’ll develop characters for our story, mixing fantasies with actual experiences. We’ll work on completing the script by creating concrete personas and setting them in certain situations. This will give us a chance to study the metamorphosis of one’s identity through the development of the story and try out the mechanisms of enclosing polyamorous experience into a character. On the last day, we’ll focus on the technical details of script writing: creating dialogue, space description, camera perspective, non-verbal actions.

The workshop will be held by:
Jan Lubicz Przyłuski. Experimental film director, anthropologist and intermedia artist. Educated in the fields of performance art, theater anthropology. Jan is an author of several documentaries about art,
editor and co-director of many other film forms. Worked with many important figures ofcontemporary culture, such as: Jan Swidzinski, the creator of contextual art, world renowned theater director Krystian Lupa, as well as with Andrzej Urbanowicz in Bellmer Society or Adina Bar-On, pioneer of live art in Israel. Lives and works in Warsaw.

Piret Karro. Semiotician, cultural organizer and performance artist. Has written a thesis on Gender Fluidity in Semiotics and Cultural Theory. In performance art, Piret is mostly interested in human interaction, endurance, and situation dynamics. Has organized several seminar series, an international art symposium, an animation film festival, miscellaneous performances. Occasionally publishes art criticism. Has years of experience in autoetnography on polyamory. Piret is based in Tartu, Estonia.