Thursday | Donnerstag 3.7. | 16h30 sportical

Sync’s Swim vs Sin’s Swim

Lamathilde, 2013, Canada/Québec, EN, ut-DE, 3:09
When a sport is synonymous with militarism, capitalism, colonialism, sexism, etc. the most obvious clichés are still in play and no one seems to balk. In a series of freeze-frames this short film proposes to break the mold in an Olympic sport that men still cannot practice: synchronized swimming.
Wenn ein Sport synonym ist mit Militarismus, Kapitalismus, Kolonialismus, Sexismus, etc. sind die offensichtlichsten Klischees immer noch im Zentrum und keine_r scheint sich daran zu stören. Dieser Kurzfilm schlägt vor die Grenzen einer Olympischen Sportart zu durchbrechen, in welcher Männer* immer noch nicht teilnehmen können: Synchronschwimmen.

Kelli Jean Drinkwater & Anna Helme, Australia, EN, 21:40
Aquaporko! is a story of femme sisterhood, community, and radical 
body politics told through the eyes of Aquaporko! the fat femme 
synchronized swim team, and their journey leading up to the first ever 
performance of its kind in Australia. This insightful, humorous, kitsch and uplifting documentary will give 
audiences an introduction the concepts of fat activism and a chance 
to witness the power of femme solidarity and sisterhood.
Aquaporko! erzählt eine Geschichte von Femme Schwesternschaft, Community und radikalen Körperpolitiken am Beispiel von Aquaporko! Das Fat Femme Synchronisationsteam und deren Reise zur ersten Aufführung dieser Art in Australien. Diese tiefblickende, humorvolle, kitschige und erhebende Dokumentation gibt Zuschauer_innen eine Einführung in Fat Aktivismus und eine Chance die Kraft von Femme Solidarität und Schwesterschaft zu sehen.

One Language – Discover Football 2014
Mareike Lauken and Keren Manor | Germany | EN, AR, DE, UR || ut-EN || 30:00
A movie following the tournament week of Discover Football 2013 In Berlin. The movie explores women’s football and women’s rights through the eyes of female football players from the Arab world, Ukraine, Poland and Germany. Eight teams use the common language of football to find their common grounds and deal with questions of societal gender norms, discrimination and women’s independence.
Dieser Film folgt der Tournier-Woche von Discover Football 2013 in Berlin, zeigt Frauenfussball und Frauenrechte durch die Augen von Fussballspielerinnen aus arabischen Ländern, der Ukraine, Polen und Deutschland. Acht Teams nutzen die gemeinsame Sprache des Fussballs um ihre Gemeinsamkeiten zu finden und Fragen rund um Gesellschaftsnormen, Diskriminierung und Feminismus zu addressieren.

Thursday | Donnerstag 3.7. | 18h: [do] ask and tell

[Do] ask and tell
Either in form of dialogues, monologues or performing the protagonists here are encourage to (ask) and tell their stories which goes from a meshing up mass media documentary passing through a Misread of queer theory and find it’s end in a master piece of -west world- literature. Hear the voices mostly unheard.

πράσινο καλσονάκι and Maria f Dolores, Greece, 2013, 11:35, Greek with english subtitles
An audiovisual performative commentary from a TV series program called Πρωταγωνιστές (Andel of Kolonos) where is partially examined contemporary lesbian identity in Greece and its tolerance by greek society. A funny, glamorous-trashy critic on media discourse.

Henriette Hellstern­Kjoeller, Denmark, 2013, 02:29, No words.
Who is this queer person, is it too feminine or too masculine?
Why do they compete with each other? In the end, is the wall they built has been broken?

Playing love
Mysti/Rosenfeld, USA/Germany, 2013, 08:15, EN
A meditation on the concepts ‚love‘ and ‚family‘ as words that create lack, otherness and other irreconcilable differences brings Mysti to conclude it’s far better to ‚play‘ love, ‚pretend‘ love or ‚fake‘ love rather than perform love…

Supa Stition
Michael Venus, Canada, 2012, 02:26, no words.
Supa Stition is a glimpse into the unseen world of magic and occult. Paying homage to the low budget sci-films of the seventies and the altered-reality visionary Carlos Casteneda, it’s a moving Warholian portrait of shapeshifting and ever-changing multi dimensional worlds.

Untitled Spring ’13 [boredom liberation front]
Boredom Liberation Front, boredom no nation, 203, 4:02, English/ no subtitles.
The film as response to Alex Bag’s Untitled, Fall ’95 [London Punk Girls] takes place in an endless ever accelerating spiral of production and consumption, allegedly disrupted by terrorism and activism leavings it’s two protagonists in non­space, de­personalized and terribly bored. But then all forms of protest (and art) seem to become incorporated in the spiral of boredom…

just dandy
thirza cuthand, canada, 2013, 7:37, EN, no subtitles.
Invited to speak at an Indigenous Revolutionary Meeting, the narrator describes an encounter intimate with an Evil Colonizing Queen which led to Turtle Island’s contraction of an invasive European flora.

Barbara Gruhl, Deutschland, English with German Subtitles, 3:12
David Beckham and Samuel Beckett don‘t only share similarities in their names, but as well in their expression of excistential crisis. Cast: Beckham as Ham, his last game in Becketts Endgame.
David Beckham und Samuel Beckett teilen nicht nur namentliche
 Ähnlichkeit, sondern auch den Ausdruck existenzieller Krisen. Es spielt: Beckham als Ham, sein letztes Spiel in Becketts Endgame.

Thursday | Donnerstag 3.7. | 19h30 Crossing Boundaries: Love, Marriage and Family in Asia

Crossing Boundaries: Love, Marriage and Family in Asia
curated by Doris Yeung (CinemAsia Amsterdam)
Film #1 „Our Marriages“ (China 2013) Directors: He Xiaopei and Yuan Yuan (41min)
Directors He Xiaopei and Yuan Yuan find a group of lesbian women in Northeast China who enter into „contract“ marriages (fake marriages with gay men) to alleviate social and family pressures in order to pretend to conform to traditiona Chinese family structure, practices, and expectations. The superstar scale and cost of these fake weddings and the reasoning behind it will emerse the audience into these women’s lives and leave them rooting for their self created freedom.
Film #2 „Polyamorous Family“ (China 2008) Director: He Xiaopei (26min )
Synopsis: One filmmaker creates a honest hearfelt exploration of her own multicultural, international polyamorous self created family. A fascinating look into what constitutes a family that crosses the boundaries of sexuality and culture.
Total program time: 67 min with a Q&A with the curator about the films

Film Long Synopsis
Contract marriage is largely practiced by lesbians and gay men in today’s China, for the sole purpose of alleviating social and family pressures – the pressures of conforming to traditional family structure, practices, and expectations. They negotiate the terms and conditions of marriage and perform weddings once they reach an agreement. Our Marriage is an exploration of the lives of four lesbians who decided to marry gay men in order to secretly pursue their relationships with their girlfriends, while at the same time fulfilling their family’s deep-seated desire that their daughter get married and form a family with her husband.

How do contract marriages work, how do people negotiate the terms of marriage and how do they live lives as lesbians in contemporary Chinese culture? These are the questions raised in the film, as the filmmakers followed four lesbians for two years in a North East city of China, watched their weddings with gay men, witnessed lives as lesbians and filial daughters.

Bio of Directors:
He Xiaopei
Hills trained me to be a shepherd and the Himalayas turned me into a mountaineer. A government job made me an economist while the women’s movement converted me into a feminist. Participating in lesbian organizing in China helped me realize that people with disabilities, HIV positive women, sex workers and lesbians married to gay men are even more oppressed and that their voices are mostly silenced. I set up ‘Pink Space’, an NGO working with people who are marginalized due to their gender and sexuality and we use photos and films to enable people to tell their life stories, to gain power and to represent their desires and experiences.

Yuan Yuan
I set up ‘Pink Space’ as a project manager and founding member. Managed Positive Views Project, a photography project with women and children with HIV, working with nine families from rural Shanxi province, teaching people how to make photos, sharing stories with people, collecting over 2000 photos, selecting photos to show in the 11th Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2011. Organized seminars, lectures, and touring the photo exhibit in the universities and NGOs in Beijing. Designed Transgender sex workers’ photograph project, including teaching the participant’s photo shooting technology, and sharing life stories among the participants.

Pink Space Research Centre
Pink Space set up in 2007. Our mission is to promote sexual rights and sexual desires of people with marginalized gender and sexualities. Our target groups include women and children living with HIV, wives of gay men, lesbians marry gay men, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ. We create space for people to share their life stories, we use and photography and film to make their desires and experiences known to the public.

Thursday | Donnerstag 3.7. | 20h sci fi porn

Betonsalon | KTS 13

Sci-Fi(cken) Post-Porn
Sex on the moon; sex in hazardous subterranean spaces; sex sent to your brain through electro-cortical stimulation. These films re-contextualize and alienate the sex act in ways you likely haven’t imagined before, each with its own otherworldly aesthetic.

Neurosex Pornoia
Jaume Santamaria, Germany, 2014, 1:56, English (text)
- Teaser for the upcoming cyberpunk post-porn webseries, Neurosex Pornoia.

Quosmonautas Raras – Fucking in the Moon
Quimera Rosa, Spain, 2014, 12:20, English(?)
- Post-human voyage with zero gravity. A taping of a live orgiastic, extraterrestrial, post-porn performance, from HardCabaret in Barcelona.

Klitters and Miss Alyx, Hungary, 2013, 45:00, no language
A cyber-punk gangbang of machines, rubber, dust, lust and horror. Mysterious posthuman creatures reclaim space in the darkness that springs from the broken streets and forgotten basements of Budapest’s urban landscape, opening the gate to the crypt of desire which always dwells “inside, outside, beside” us. A carnal experiment of collective intimacy between Fetish Filmmaker Miss Alyx and Radical Queer Post-pornographers KLITTERS.

Thursday | Donnerstag 3.7. | 22h hope in the glitch

open air | SK

hope in the glitch
who uses the camera for what? who uses it against whom? how can it be a tool to pathologise people, whole societies, and (how) can it be used to fight back?

The invention of one of the most gendered psychopathologies ever, hysteria, appears as intricately linked with the invention of photography. Today, our everyday is overcast by a neverending flow of recorded images, images we never asked for, images that are bound to alienate and misrepresent most people, instead of being used for communication.

This block starts from an analytical view onto representations of the female body in western visual culture as hysterical body. It presents videos in which some of those likely to be misrepresented much take control. They explore a variety of alternative visual strategies of dealing with images, such as stealing images, appropriating, re-enacting and analyzing them, using them for masturbation, and creating self-representations that are not easily legible anymore. All of this, to propose, to ask and contemplate whether there can be perspectives of liberation, empowerment or simply coping in imperfect images, faulty, defective, deviant images, some sort of hope in the glitch…

Die Erfindung einer der geschlechtsspezifischsten Psychopathologien aller Zeiten, der Hysterie, erscheint eng verbunden mit der Erfindung der Photographie. Heute ist unser Alltag von einem scheinbar endlosen Bilderfluss überschattet, Bilder, nach denen wir nie gefragt haben, Bilder, die die meisten Menschen nur befremden und misrepräsentieren können, statt Mittel zur Kommunikation zu sein.

Dieser Block beginnt mit einem analytischen Blick auf Repräsentationen des weiblichen Körpers als hysterischen Körper in der westlichen visuellen Kultur. In ihm werden Videos gezeigt, in welchen einige derjenigen, die besonders wahrscheinlich oft misrepräsentiert werden, die Kontrolle übernehmen. Sie versuchen eine Vielzahl von alternativen visuellen Strategien im Umgang mit Bildern, z.B. Bilder zu stehlen, zu besetzen, nachzustellen und zu analysieren, damit zu masturbieren, und Selbst-Repräsentationen herzustellen, die nicht mehr einfach lesbar sind. All dies, um vorzuschlagen, zu fragen und darüber nachzudenken ob es Aussichten gibt auf Befreiung, Empowerment oder Bewältigung durch unvollkommene Bilder, fehlerhafte, unvollständige, abweichende Bilder, irgendeine Art von Hoffnung in den Störstellen…

The Hysterical Body
Carolina Soares, Portugal, 2011, 6:06, FR+ES / EN sub
Images are stolen from western visual culture’s scholar mainstream to establish an associative relation between the myth of Pygmaleon and Galatea – the sculptor whose statue becomes alive and then he wants to keep her – and the representation of a female body by a male perspective.
The editing is divided in five different parts, each one for the five states of hysteria that Jean-Martin Charcot invented: Appeal, Threat, Supplication, Erotism and Ecstasy.

is about knowing
Hanna M. Owens & Elena Feijoo, USA, 2014, 3:55, EN
In mirroring oneself and one’s body in another’s body as an act of self-seduction, narcissism is thus an act of love in which the feminine seduces the feminine. Platonic meets seductive, obsessive meets narcissistic, nurturing meets addicting: this is a story about the undefined complexities of female friendship.

Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine, Canada, 2012, 1:40, Korean / EN sub
Candy Candy was a famous TV show in the 80s. In Montreal, I looked up at the sky the night of my birth mother’s 60th birthday. Full moon.

Henriette Hellstern-Kjoeller, Denmark, 2013, 1:05, EN
The smile is the shortest distance? Or perhaps the greatest distance? Everyone loves happy people. Funny, happy, silly people. Being in an environment where you SHOULD be happy, can be devastating. Why is happy funny silly people more inviting than the ”thunder cloud” in the corner?
In what feels like an endless minute, two safety pins attached to her mouth make the filmmaker smile.

¡Vamos a echarnos un palito!
Rurru Mipanochia, México D.F., 2014, 2:30, no dialogue
Representación actual de una fiesta celebrada por los antiguos nahuas tlaxcaltecas; la cual estaba dedicada a la purificación sexual de bordadoras y pintoras, quienes después de un baño comunitario, aquellas que se sentían culpables de grandes „delitos sexuales“, los confesaban, y cómo castigo, se les perforaba la lengua y se introducía en el agujero, tantos palitos como „delitos sexuales“ hubieran cometido. Es probable que una de las expresiones mexicanas más famosas que invitan al encuentro sexual, se haya derivado de aquella festividad: ¡Vamos a echarnos un palito!.

Comme un Ouragan
Florence S. Larose, Canada, 2011, 4:03 FR+EN
The artist attempts to cure her inability to masturbate with the help of princess Stéphanie of Monaco. Delightful costumes.

Temas y variaciones
Miroslava Tovar & Jorge Gomez del Campo, México, 2013, 7:32, ES / EN sub
#Violencia política y posporno
The systems that promise us liberty, that offers us new pleasures and affinities, partial identities – hope – are always already infected with the alienated desire and violence of postmodern capitalism. This video-collage essay in four movements is an exploration of a dissident life within the limits and possibilities of these incomplete structures and superficial promises. We have come to the understanding that rupture is the only tool with which to deconstruct rupture; there is hope in the glitch.

Bed of Roses
Florence S. Larose, Canada, 2012, 3:20, no dialogue
A sleeping body in a bed. The shadow of another calmly eating a banana. Or is the shadow the sleeper’s ghost?

You Don‘t Own Me
Kristin Li, Canada, 2014, 2:33, EN
A turbulent animation music video to Klaus Nomi’s song of the same name. The consequence of the claimed freedom: queer liberation or neoliberal liberty?

Jussi Jailheart will always manage
Josefin Andersson, Sweden, 2012, 2:25, no dialogue
A girl walks in to a room with a dvd playing a recording of herself masturbating. Watching it, she tries to jerk off.

Straight White
Henriette Hellstern-Kjoeller, Denmark, 2014, 1:08,no dialogue
#princess-fairytale-gender-animal friend
A fairy tale can be one of many stereotypical icons you face as a child. In many societies you are introduced to the „the fact“ that a good girl is a princess who is waiting patiently for her prince. I simply ask questions about ideals, goals and social codex.

This is Not My Dollface
Ellis Suzanna Slack & Stoo Iresen, UK, 2014, 18:30 EN
This is a film about nannies, sex work, shit technology, single parenting, mental health and austerity, about being looked at and who is seen and who isn‘t.