17h : Festival Opening

Amour, Godes et Volupte
Season 2, episode 1,
prout prout prod ~10min
FR with EN sub
2nd season of the French soap opera „love, dildos and sensuality“: Samantha Alexandra seems to have run off with the profits from the Sauerkraut factory so Andrea Alberta hires a professional killer to track her down. The hit-woman is hot…

The Contender
Gracie Bucciarelli, 5min40
Shot on 16mm, this short film about strength, gender, myth, fitness training and the revolution features the shadow-boxing alter ego of Stormy Henry Knight as he goes through his paces. You gotta be fit for the struggle.

Amour, Godes et Volupte Season 2, episode 2,
prout prout prod ~10min
FR with EN sub

Copacabana Building
Alexandre Dacosta, 5min
An office worker meets a drag queen in the lift of his building, who turns out to be his neighbour.

Amour, Godes et Volupte.Season 2, episode 3,
prout prout prod ~10min
FR with EN sub

25 (twentyfive) huesle tour

CafÈ Temelin, 40min
A group of Austrian anti-patriots make a tour of places where notorious Austrian Nazis and WWII war criminals lived. Despite the attrocities they were responsible for, many of the people and places are unknown to the locals or to most Austrians and there is now no trace. Undeterred the activists dress up and make immaginative, colourful actions at each location. The film is in German, but one of the participants will be available to answer questions afterwards.

    19h : Project 8

The Project8 Film Collective is a group of small-format filmmakers who share skills of DIY and hand-made filmmaking in the interest of developing a diverse community of local independent filmmakers in Vancouver. Every year, the Project8 Film Collective runs a free mentorship program for people who are interested in learning how to make a super8 film, but have limited access to resources to do so – Super8 Boot Camp.
This screening represents work made by participants of the Boot Camp, the collective members, and work that’s been screened at our annual festival.

In the spirit of DIY, where one’s own voice can be the ultimate in self-expression, personal and auto-biographical works emerge with a wail of creative freedom, unique and bizarre works rearrange conformity to overthrow oppression, and those just beautiful in their hand-touch sensibility nurtures and destroys the medium.

Apartment 3
Nancy Lizuck, 2008, 4:30
A gender bendering film noir murder mystery story where perpetrator,victim and witness investigate the death of their own familiar forms of identity.

Cat Whisperer
Aili Meutzner & Amy Kazymerchyk, 2008, 5:50
The exact opposite of Cats: The Musical.

2007, 3:10
Tactile Optics, Kitties, Sparkling Carlot

The Cindy Doll
Julie Saragosa, 2008, 6:00
Who’s the fisherman now? A ritual to unbind ghosts of the past.

Sven Black, 2007, 2:20
What is outside must come in, what is inside must come out.


Jillian Deri, 2008, 3:30
A creepy spider dances in aerial silks.

This Lane is Our Lane
Terry Haines, 2008, 6:45
A young aboriginal mother spends time with her daughter teaching her different aspects of the environment to the sound of layered, traditional Mohawk songs. An unforseen event ruins the bonding moment in this simple message of respect for the environment and ourselves.

My Cervix
Terri Sudeyko, 2007, 4:30
When confronted by a doctor’s questions, my cervix thinks back on its life and what might have caused the growths that need to be removed by said doctor.

Robo Love: when Colonization meets Globalization
Jesse Blanchard and Amanda Ruckus, 2008, 4:10
A love story. Not every relationship is a healthy one.

What’s My Mother F***ing Name?
Amber Dawn, 2007, 4:20
A video poem that explores the hazardous occupation of being

Kathleen Gowman, 2008, 8:20
Blending the mundane of the eastside, the monotony of poverty the perfectness of middle class teeth, the trudge to survive. back alley shots of dtes.

Planet Q, the Transformation
Tyler Wheatcroft, 2007, 4:25
You won‘t believe your eyes. Secret classified footage acquired from Hanger 54 trash bin, New Mexico. 3D glasses not necessary, just an open mind and a strong stomach.

Sacha Fink, 2007, 4:05
While on an exploratory mission to the nether regions of the universe, Little Red has a close encounter of the fourth kind.

    21 h : (S)experimentals

Penistrilogie – Avalanche
Clark Nikolai, 5min20, sound
Ice cubes melting and cascading under a stream of hot liquid in the toilets of at a leather bar.

Sodom On The Hudson
Stephen Jusick Kent, 11min, EN
Quick in-camera cutting of the NYC skyline shot from the East River leads to a more sober & stationary final reel when the topography changed forever, while a second projection lies overtop, creating a sexy and ominous counterpoint to the phallic buildings that punctuate the cityscape.

A recipe for a love that sticks
Jordan Loeppky-K., 8min40, EN
The artist explores the medium of video with his body using drawings and a visual feedback loop. Masculine sensuality is multiplied and spiralled down a technological wormhole.

Happy Cruise
Roberto Delgado, 8min33, sound
Pan-gender, multi-species cruising in the tropical forests. The protagonists see and feel seafoods, genitals, trees and more…

soul my wash
idios, 4min30, sound
a femme is coming in slo-mo on he boy’s ass

Penistrilogie – Durchblicken
Clark Nikolai, 4 min
playing with yourself under the sheets, illuminaing only with a flashlight

Charles Lum, 10min, sound
Humourous juxtaposition of two American autumn festivals: the 100-year-old Fryeburg Fair in New England and San Francisco’s infamous Folsom Street Fair.


idios., 3min30, sound
autoerotic movie about a boy and his knife

Disruption From The Underground

Kareem Ghoniem, sound
experimental erotica: someone, or something is pleasuring themselves in the cellar, till they are disturbed…

22h outdoors :

Go West Young Asian: Videos From The Diaspora

guest curated by Doris Yeung, CinemAsia Film Festival Amsterdam
all videos in English or with English subtitles

A Girl Named Kai
(Kai Ling Xue, 2004 Canada 8min)
An autobiographical montage of relationships, dreams, self-discoveries and secrets.

(Lucky Kuswandi, 2005 Indonesia/USA 15min)
Portrait of a young man wandering the streets after having run away from home.

Forever Bottom!
(Hoang Tan Nguyen, 1999 USA 4min)
A humorous take on the insatiable appetite of an Asian male Bottom.

Examining My Closet
(Esther Lin, 2004 USA 12min)
Esther feels her clothes in her closet reflect her different personas that are neither
queer not straight, but uniquely her.

(Brian Jackson, 2004 USA 8min)
Hot Asian barbers gives unusual haircuts. How close is too close?

Search for Her

(Dawn Khoo, 2005 Malaysia 14min)
A closeted Malaysian Chinese lesbian uses symbolic and abstract images from her travels
and experiences over two decades to come to terms with her homosexuality.

My German Boyfriend

(Wayne Yung, 2004 Germany 18min)
A gay Chinese-Canadian encounters ethnic stereotypes as he seeks his ideal boyfriend in