17h : The (Dis-)Comforts of Home:
Videos from Asia

guest curated by Doris Yeung, CinemAsia Film Festival Amsterdam
all videos with English subtitles

Pleuy Shi Vit – Life Show

(Thunska Pansittivorakul, 2005, Thailand 10min)
Frank and personal small documentary about a porn star.

(Victric Thng, 2003 Singapore 4min)
A momentary encounter evokes both a sense of fondness and bitterness of the heart.

Unseen Bangkok
(Thunska Pansittivorakul, 2004 Thailand 6 min)
From behind the camera, the filmmaker has a fascinating conversation with the man with the penis.


(Victric Thng, 2007 Singapore 30sec)
A yearning for togetherness.

Exotic 101
(Michael Shaowanasai, 1997 Thailand 7min)
A satirical instructional tape teaching you how to perform as a Thai pole dancer.

Gender Game
(Tracey Ni, 2006 China 26min)
A Chinese lesbian struggles with maintaining her butch identity by means of materialistic sugar-mommy arrangements.

The Personals
(Tina Wei, 2006 China 30min)
A group of friends in Shanghai and their loves and lives as lesbians in Chinese society.

    19h : travel queeries plus opening short


Anja Ross
A series of animated music videos challenging gender stereotypes.

Travel Queeries

Eliot Graney-Saucke, 96min
A feature-length documentary that examines the culture, art and activism of radical queers in contemporary Europe. Through personal interviews and documentation of performances, festivals, multi-media visual arts and spaces, Travel Queeries puts an exciting international lens on queer fringe culture. With the aim of building bridges and awareness, Travel Queeries considers the word ìqueerî and explores the complexities, innovative values and spirit of queer within a progressive social change movement. more here

    21h : activism

the secret
la petroleuse /sara 3mn30
en with fr subs
A girl has finally decided to talk about her secret

shadow on the wall

rot pulojva, 9m45
musik, deutsch
Elegant, experimental, black and white film thoughtfully exploring women’s societal roles.

court pas politik

la petroleuse / marie morue 5 min
fr with en subs
Interview with a fictional queer theorist about the political societal, cultural and semantic significance of sexuality within contemporary queer subcultures and sex as an instrument for challenging the dominant structures of political hegemony within late capitalism. Theory is fascinating of course, but what about practice…?

gic – groupe d intervention cyborg

gic – 6min
fr with en subs
This a message from the Groupe D‘intervention Cyborg. Long live cyborg thought!

React before it’s too late
serbian with en subs
Documenary about a campaign to bring abuse of women and children out into the open by re-enacting it in the form of theatre in public places. The film was shot on location in the streets and squares in the Serbian towns the activists toured and shows the reactions of members of the public and the police.

A Story about: Queer Sarajevo Festival

bosnian with en subs
organization Q – masa hilcisin / cazim dervisevic

    22h/outdoors: Das andere Istanbul

Das andere Istanbul (The other side of Istambul)

Döndü Kilic, 82mins, 2008, Germany
turkish/englisch/flemish mit deutschen untertiteln
A city straddling east and west, Istanbul is seen by some as Europe’s gay Mekka. How does this square with modern-day Turkey, always a country of European lifestyles but seeing a rise in Islamist, traditionalist forces. These are the tensions facing the film’s protagonists: gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, from different ethnic groups and social classes. The film shows the young people’s confrontations with the Turkish authorities, the military, society, their families – and with themselves. In a series of episodes we see how the protagonists, each in their own way, adapt to largely homophobic living conditions or fight for their rights, freedom and a self-determined lifestyle
Istanbul – eine Stadt zwischen Okzident und Orient – gilt unter Insidern als das schwule Mekka Europas. Wie vereinbart sich das mit der heutigen Türkei, die sich einerseits immer schon an europäischen Lebensstilen orientiert hat und andererseits wieder einen deutlichen Zuwachs von islamisch-traditionellen Kräften erfährt. In diesem Spannungsfeld sind die Protagonisten des Films angesiedelt: Schwule, Bi- und Transsexuelle unterschiedlicher Ehtnien und sozialer Schichten. Der Film zeigt die Auseinandersetzungen der jungen Menschen mit der türkischen Staatsmacht, dem Militär, der Gesellschaft, ihren Familien – und vor allem mit sich selbst. In verschiedenen Episoden wird gezeigt, wie sich die Protagonisten, jeder auf seine Weise, in einer vorwiegend schwulenfeindlichen Lebenswelt einrichten oder für ihre Rechte, ihre Freiheit und ein selbstbestimmtes Leben kämpfen. more here