17h : activism in kurdistan

women of mount Ararat
erwan briand
85 min, en subs
After a fifteen-year armed struggle in Turkey, Kurdish guerrillas withdrew to the mountains of northern Iraq where the women formed their own guerrilla units, completely independent of the men. This documentary shows the everyday life of one six- women guerrilla unit in the mountains far from civilisation. Step by step they free themselves from the masculine oppression experienced in society and overcome the conventional attitudes to women’s roles they have themselves internalised.
Nach fünfzehn Jahren des bewaffneten Kampfes in der Türkei haben sich kurdische Guerillas in die Bergen des Nordirak zurückgezogen. Frauen haben ihre eigene Guerilla-Einheiten gebildet, total unabhängig von den Männern. Diese Dokumentation zeigt den Alltag einer sechsköpfigen Frauenguerillaeinheit,in den Bergen, weitab der Zivilisation. Durch diesen Prozeß befreien sie sich Stück für Stück von der männlichen Unterdrückung in der Gesellschaft und überwinden eigene, verinnerlichte Rollenzuweisungen/Denkstrukturen.

    19h : schau mich an

Andjela Tomic
8min, english
While wandering through Belgrad’s main shopping streets we follow the
inner monolog of a trans-woman, talking about her search for
identities without having the words for it for a long time, and taking
the way of transition.

Während die Kamera durch Belgrads Haupteinkaufstrasse schlendert,
folgen wir der Geschichte einer Transfrau, die von ihrer Suche nach
Identitäten, fehlenden passenden Worten und der Entscheidung zur Transition

Schau mich an / Bana Bak
Ayla Gottschlich
60min, türkisch mit deutschen untertitel
A cinematic portrait of Nevruz, a lesbian photographer from Turkey. “If you want to be an activist, you have to start with your immediate surroundings”, she says, and this includes the family. Nevruz’s ambitious photography project aims to show lesbians who dare to be “out and proud” in Istanbul. The film follows her down a labyrinth of contradictions and draws an intimate portrait of a young woman both fragile and brave.
Portrait einer lesbischen Fotografin in der Türkei. Nevruz sagt: „Wenn du Aktivistin sein möchtest, musst du mit dein Umgebung anfangen.“ Dazu gehört auch die Familie. Ihr ehrgeiziges Fotoprojekt will Lesben zeigen, die es wagen, in Istanbul „out and proud“ zu sein. Der Film begleitet Nevrzuz in ein Labyrinth der Widersprüche und zeichnet ein intimes Porträt einer verletzlichen wie mutigen jungen Frau.

21h geschlecht im spiel

Hanna Bergfors 3min39
A butch meets the girl of her dreams during her lunchbreak and takes her for a boat trip and a romantic picnic.

geschlecht im Spiel
Uta Hörmeyer, Sasha Noel Ahorn, Dan_i Bahl
75min, deutsch
Eine Reise in die Welt weiblicher Männlichkeiten, männlicher Weiblichkeiten und sich verändernder Identitäten. Ein Dokumentarfilm, unterwegs in Berlin zwischen Theater und Performance, Alltag, Subversion und der Frage nach der Inszenierung von Geschlecht. *** A Berlin journey into the world of female masculinity, male femininity and changing identities, this documentary moves freely between theatre and performance, daily life, subversion and the issue of performing gender.

    22h : my light shortz


ali cotterill, 4mn
Fagette is a trans-fabulous sunday in the park. It’s croquet gone gay, drag-tastic cheerleaders and synchronized dance, all in an Astroturf wonderland.

siempre que vuelves a casa
ex donas 3min
When you come back home from work there might be a nice surprise…

slap fight
katrina del mar, 1min54
slap fight!

penistrilogie – galactic docking company

clark nikolai, 2min50
The commercialisation of space leads to new discoveries. Using found and original footage shot on earth and in orbit, we discover that the cosmos wants to have an encounter of the intimate kind. Warning, contains shots of penises (the clue is in the title)

this is no simple reform
josephine freiberg, 6min34
This film works with sequences from Rick Prelinger’s open source archive of 1960s US educational films in which specific gestures and situations were used to teach children how to conform to the models of “heteronormative” society and condition them into moving their bodies in particular gender-specific ways.

serenade in fragment

marijo st-amour 15min24
poetry in motion shot in a melancholic winter in Montreal. a portrait sinematographic for the muses.

intersex-eine geschichte von vielen

anja ross+ melanie schuba 12min42

rebel flux

kate huh, 2min
animated mash-up collages of punk-rock drawings/ by filmmaker: Visual musings on love and absurdity.

i..m sorry sterling,
rm vaughan/jared mitchell 3min
A queer-revisionist look at 1950s film-noir, tough-guy hunk Sterling Hayden. Using animation and photo-manipulation, artist Rm Vaughan inserts himself into Sterling Hayden’s on-screen romantic life.

queer teen romance
jules rosskam, madsen minax, sam feder, simon strikeback 24 min
Budlong Middle School is heating up. Sporty Bryce is beating up on outcast Kevin. When Kevin’s best friend Ari finds out, they call on the tough girl gang who take the matter into their own hands. But maybe Kevin was enjoying the beatings?

music clips b4 the party

la colere de samson
angelstud 3min25
A music video using a text by Alfred de Vigny

Big Girl
Lisa Ganser 3m
The second of two music videos for the Punky Buiser, a track that speaking out for chubby ladies – „fat girl power“!

Lyndsey Cockwell: Gossip
Steph Morris 3mins
Music video for Lyndsey Cockwell’s song „Gossip“ about how news travels fast in a shared flat.

Punchin ..& Cussin..
Katrina del Mar 4min31
Delivers what the title promises: dykes fighting and swearing, but also laughing and kissing – on a New York rooftop.

welcome to my bedroom
Lisa Ganser 5m
Check out the only single by the Midwest’s only „take it in the rear“ all gay backstreet (beastie) boy band… Lisa Ganser and the Backdoor Boys. Music by Tori Fixx.

Punk Ass Kid
Kate Huh 2 min
portrait of the artist as an angry young woman.

Hard Shoe

Vagina Jones 6m3



Iris Segundo, 4min16

„Hope“ ,
tucke royale, 3min53