15h : slack slot

last minute submissions

16 h: screening of the workshops

17h faggy afternoon


owen eric wood 5min30
Text taken from actual online conversations is used to construct a dialoge that mimics gay chat sites.


Kurt Koehler 23 min
The queerest superhero ever, Superfag comes to the rescue whenever homos have problems. But who will rescue Superfag when the evil professor captures him. And can queer superheros fall in love?

marx and engels and friends

elenia depedro 5min30
italien with english text

somebody got murdered

tor iben 39min
deutsch with eng subs
Cruising through the Berlin Tiergarten Tom is attacked but then develops an obsession with his attacker. An amour-fou begins: an impossible affair. The film is an unsolved crime story and (almost) a love-story, depicting a gay man at the end of his youth, searching for happiness but finding only uncertainty.

19h : crossing boundaries


Z.A. Martohardjono 4min43
An poetic exploration of the body’s history, of how it confronts the culture and language which limits it in modern life.

welcome stop

michael achtmann 25min
eng with eng subs
Welcome Stop is a 25-minute narrative short that explores relationships and boundaries among three disabled characters. It follows Morag along the first steps of her path to self-discovery, as she dumps her oppressive boyfriend at a motorway service station and hitches a ride with Gerry, a recovering sex-and-love addict. An unconventional road movie, Welcome Stop exudes a sense of freedom and adventure. Attempting bold transformations in their lives, the characters don’t always succeed gracefully, but at least they try.

peace talk – i fred

jenifer malmqvist 14min
swedish with eng subs
Jonna plays soldiers with her friend Emelie. One soldier gets hurt and needs to be taken care of, but Jonna’s mother doesn‘t approve of the turn the game takes. A short film about the world of children: a world adults don‘t always respect.

close distance
zara zandieh, 36 min
The film explores the memories and experiences of three Berlin women who moved from Iran to Germany between the 1960s and 1980s. In interviews they describe various aspects of their lives, their feelings and their perspectives on the places they have lived in.

21h : trash and kitsch

Surf Gang:Ruffnecks vs. Ungratefuls

katrina del mar, 20 min
A modern-day fable about the exploits of all-girl surfer gang the Rockaway Ruffnecks, a deadly and beautiful group of women who surf together, ride together and kick ass together. The film tells the story of the turf war that erupts when the girls travel out of their home territory of working class Rockaway Beach and arrive in the luxurious Hamptons. Led by diminutive wildcat, Baby Rockaway, with their pirate flag flying and their rock n roll blaring, The Rockaway Ruffnecks roll up in world of ease and wealth closed to outsiders, where the local surfer girls even call themselves the Ungratefuls. A satirical and sometimes slapstick take on class difference in a world of natural beauty and unnatural embellishment.

make my socialism cream

vagina jones, 5min05
Rare footage of a cake orgy involving Vladimir Lenin and several large dildos.

killer dykes in the brain
Kerstin Honeit, Jenny Hanke, 10 min
deutsch with eng subs
Responding to recent „scientific results“ about the brain and homosexuality, Killer Dykes in the Brain is an ironic look at the obsession of scientists wanting to categorise sexual orientation.

drag aerobic

Julia Rivera, Mary Radtke 12min
deutsch and english
Trash-glam, d.i.y. work-out video. Aerobics will never be boring again! Frank Mutter Mund & von und zu Büffelmöse are your motivators.

princess trouble and the broken doll

misster dean, 10 min
ohne worte
When Princess Trouble’s doll is taken, she convinces the king to buy her another. With the return of the old doll, the dolls team up to kill the king, take control of Princess Trouble and rule the land. A team of heart-trading pirates set out get the best heart in the land: Princess Trouble’s. Luckily for Princess Trouble she has two dolls to save her – or not!


Lola Rock..n..Rolla 18 min
A giant drag-queen terrorises New York!

Lusty Limbless Lesbos 2007
Bean Tilton, Boggle Sabat, Bug Davidson, 13min36
A woman who has been fantasising about limb-severing, lesbian sex for years finally gathers up the courage to meet her online lover and quickly acts out her desires . Blood, gore, hot dykes, great music, blood, blood and more blood! Warning, contains blood.

22h : she..s a boy i knew



vika kirchenbauer, 9min22
deutsch with eng subs
Society passes fear-fuelled values and conventions from one generation to the next and the most essential question seems to be: boy or girl? Based on field recordings and interviews with couples awaiting their first baby, a sound collage mingles associative imagery shot at places that all have something to do with birth. The film is a subtle, sensitive analysis of gender reproduction and the influence of economic circumstances on the features considered favourable to create a well-adapted human being.

She’s a Boy I Knew

Gwen Haworth 70m
Using archival family footage, interviews, phone messages, and animation, Haworth’s documentary begins in 2000 with Steven Haworth’s decision to come out to his family about his life-long female gender identity. The resulting auto-ethnography is not only an exploration into the filmmaker’s transition from biological male to female, from Steven to Gwen, but also an emotionally charged account of the individual experiences and struggles her two sisters, mother, father, best friend and wife brought to Gwen’s transition and their stakes in it. Under Haworth’s sensitive eye, each stepping stone in the process of transitioning becomes an opportunity to explore the underlying assumptions about gender and sexuality which both we and her community hold.