there will be workshops during the festival. here a descritption of each :

- Sewing and costume-making workshop
thursday the 4th of june, create your costume for the shooting in the next day for both workshop

- postporn workshop :
A two-day workshop investigating the possibilities of ‚experimental pornography‘. The workshop will start with discussions around the idea of deconstructing the aesthetics of pornography, but will actually involve practical experiments on how to approach the pornographic subject. The first day will focus on the production process and space (using a recording aparatus to capture the pornographic subject) and the second on the post-production process and time (arranging the visual material into sequences).
it will happen friday and saturday from 14h till 17h at wirrwarr, dieffenbachstr, 36, second backyard.
10 participants would be enough !

- Super8 Filmmaking Workshop with Julie Saragoza:

In this workshop, you will learn to make a 3 minute super8 film by hand. Participation will be slightly subsidized, but if you choose to shoot a roll of film, we ask you for 20 euros to cover costs. Each additional roll of film is another 20 euros. If you would like to participate, but can‘t afford it, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

You can choose to participate in all two days or just one.

Friday June 5:
Filming with super8 cameras
Each person will be given one roll of film (up to 6 participants)
Come to the workshop with an idea for your film and help others manifest theirs. We will work together to shoot each person’s roll of film. All filming will be done outdoors on black & white film. You will learn about super8 film and how to operate a camera. Films will be edited all in-camera, so no cutting of the film is required. This means that you will film all of your footage in sequence.

Saturday June 6:
Hand-processing of films
Each person will learn to develop their own roll of film (or someone else’s from the day before if you choose)
For this workshop, we will need some supplies:
buckets, rubber gloves, clothes pegs, wire.

The films will be shown at the Enztaubert film festival!
Please bring a CD with music or soundtrack (voice over, etc.) to play with the film, as super8 today is silent.

to sign-up for any of the days, or for questions.