wie letztes Jahr wird es wieder die Möglichkeit geben sich selbst Filme zu borgen und diese im „Fernsehzimmer“ unabhängig vom Programm zu gucken.
hier die Liste, die zur Auswahl stehen:

Like last year you will have the possibility to borrow films at the bar, and watch them in our „TV room“. here is the list of the films we offer:

film are with out special order

************** BRANDNEW [videos we received this year] *************

RM Vaughan
Toronto 2005, 3′

Exploring the reasons why people travel, RM Vaughan recounts his journey to Egypt in a series of slow, reverse dissolves that show the narrator standing, like a classic tourist, before the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

RM Vaughan, Jared Mitchell
Toronto 2006, 1min, EN
Genre/ Keywords: documentary experimental
Using found and manipulated Super 8 footage from his family archives, RM Vaughan explores his late father’s bizarre HAM radio hobby.

RM Vaughan
Toronto 2002, 6′, noSP
genre:experimental documentary

A young gay man in a tiny Toronto apartment experiences a nervous breakdown, causing him to obsessively arrange and re-arrange his large knick-knack collection. Based on a true story, “Rx” is a bittersweet, funny chronicle of a mind turned frantic by fear, worry and novelty paperweights.

RM Vaughan
Toronto 2004, 4′, EN
Genre/ Keywords: experimental

After the death of his mentally ill father, artist RM Vaughan attempts to come to terms with the event by reconstructing his father’s emotional responses to the maudlin 70’s television program “Little House on the Prairie.” A blackly humourous meditation on death and grief, punctuated by crying scenes from the famously teary, famously cheesy television classic.

Bettina Hohorst
Berlin 2008, 11′, noSP, DEsub

Bilder vom Zaun G8-Heiligendamm. Beobachtungen über Zäune und Grenzen, Abschiebungen und Vertreibungen.

Francoise doherty
Montreal 2008, 29′, EN
genre/keywords: dramatic narrative

Sex is spill. Spills are not sexy, but sex is still a spill. The wedding was over and the honeymoon had yet to start. There I was being called upon to join the splittergroup of a wedding party to head out in search of wet goods in some hole on the wall, the region’s cornerstone of socially acceptable commercial sex. “Two” follows the men and women whose lives connect through a strip club; it is a story of enticement, of choice and respect, and the normalcy of these in our lives

Francoise Doherty
Montreal 2001, 29′, EN
genre/keywords: dramatic narrative, queer

Since the video’s release, it has been billed as “a biological survival kit“. It is a PSA of sorts, bringing together critical fact with fiction; at times fairy tale and fetish that end up, somewhat by osmosis, changing the way we deal with disease and cancer prevention.

Pedro Costa

Risk Hazekamp
Rotterdam 2005
2’50, noSP

extract of: „Entering the Picture, Having a Hand in [re]Production: How
queer-feminists are changing the visual arts and creating a cultural
legacy“ by: Karen Smith, 2007

„A really interesting and sexy example of this ‘capturing of a culture’
is (what one assumes to be) a partially Brokeback Mountain inspired
video titled Gay King from Dutch visual – and largely time-based –
artist, Risk Hazekamp. Essentially, the video is an artistic exercise
in gender-fuck. Much like the style of the Hollywood blockbuster
itself, it is self-conscious, deliberate, well-acted and well-directed.

Slow and silent in its natural unravelling, the timely suspense creates
what is ultimately a very satisfying short piece of work. Though not
the ‘gay king’ in shot, Hazekamp’s in-front-of-camera presence is felt
throughout despite remaining just outside the frame until the very
closing moments of the video when s/he side-enters the edge of the
visible scene to join in a passionate cowboy-on-boy kiss with the
feature king.“

Marie Vermeiren

documentary on a sexworker conference in Brussels.

Richard Paro, Cyra K. Polizzi
Chicago, 112′, EN

Jamie and Erin’s activist theater company sets out to create a play based on PJ’s book of political short stories. PJ hasn‘t written much in a while… or socialized much either, except for hanging out at Olson’s vegan cafe. Erin’s girlfriend Bel, having just moved from New York, prepares for a conference and searches for an apartment, as well as community, in Chicago. Meanwhile, Billy is void of direction even with the self-fulfillment classes, but his partner Sally hopes his new job at Olson’s cafe will help. Olson’s partner Annette is writing her third quantum physics book and feeling uninspired… as are her students.
When you‘re an artist, academic or activist and known for your passion, where do you turn when it wanes? Your work? Your partner? How do you fall in love with life again?

Zeynep Dagli
London – 2005, 5’20 min
short experimental film

The film attempts to demonstrate the sovereign moment-s, and does this precisely by means of effect of throwing back distressing scenes as well as dissolving these within created metaphors. The film starts facing the wall: walls here are used as a means of self-defence, building one’s own and always remaining inside for the sake of protection. The viewer walks into the unknown while staring at the remains of decay. In between, we always confront a staring back at not only to its audience but also at itself. We are accompanied with the echoes of voices that are juxtaposed within each other, whispering the same curse repeatedly. Corners and shadows offer some safety in order to hide while we see dead bodies, and gaping eyes: faces that are staring with indifference. Time and change declare themselves with the movements of the hands of both young and old while we are taken inside the quiet scream. The sovereign moments encourage a certain act upon the perceived: an escape or running away is necessary. However, we cannot escape, instead we experience the hammer trying to have a control over what is causing sorrow, and annihilate the anguish. Here what lies ahead is not an act of destroying the walls-the self-protection from outside, but rather the transparency of the obscurity that TV screen displays. The thick glass [glass and hammer relationship: seeing behind the glass and having the control of the hammer] represents the TV screen that brings all kinds of cruelty for the sake of entertainment. What remains, is the wound and the incessant death, dying and suffering.
The text used in the film echoes:
is not on the walls.
Nor is it in shadows that condense in the corners.
Nor in darkened branches or hiding in the suns black spot.
is commenting
staring at me
with the indifference of the impossible…’

Floy Krouchi, Tejal Shah, Natasha Mendonca
Bangalore 2005, 10′

Devon Devine, Sarah Adorable
Olympia 2003, 26′, EN

queer punk rock show


DÖDSÄNGELN [the angel of death]

The film Dödsängeln [ The angel of death in swedish] is made by Desordre, a production group in Sweden tide to the PostPorn network. Dödsängeln is the result of a real sexplay that was done in a safe, sane and consensual way. There are no professional actors or actresses involved, only two people playing together in a way that made them feel hot.

Mary-Beth Volker
Berlin 2008, noSP
Genre/ Keywords: Femmes, Erotic, Bikes

David Giblin, Pete Davidson, Ali Jeffery

************* UNSERE EMPFEHLUNGEN *************

a documentary about the Ladyfest in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Dayna Mcleod
Montreal 2005, 18′, EN

Catch all of the hard-hitting action in this Wild Card Playoff showdown between the Pussy Packers and the Ass Alley Anglers. Featuring colour commentary by 6-time league M.V.P. Cocky Revulva and Pleasure Zone announcer Dayna McLeod, this one-shot, 18-minute video will show you all of the passes, plays, and penalties of professional sports dressed up in the rules and regulations of pornography- live from Pleasure Zone stadium.

Dayna Mcleod
Montreal 2002, 4’50

This rickety-sticky digital animation features a lusty naked lady who is hell bent on getting off. Frustrated by her limited cable offering, she searches every room of her home for an old beau: her life-size vibrator. A game of seduction ensues that appears to climax with our heroine riding her rocket date into space, but actually culminates when she discovers that her electronic lover has left an attachment behind…


Liege, 4’50, FR

Maria Beatty & Rosemary Delain
USA, 1997 60′, EN
Genre/Keywords: Fetish Film noir/ Porn

The mysterious world of the senses that Maria inhabits is one of complete surrender to the wills and whims of the hypnotically intense Mistress Morgana, and the exotic, ambiguous creature, TV Sabrina
This visionary noir exercise examines and crosses the boundaries of dominance and submission in its artful escalation of pleasure & pain, bondage & menace, fetishism & foot worship; culminating in the hot wax torture of the slave’s most private parts as she writhes in ecstasy.

Svera chytilova;
1966, Czechoslovakia, 74′
Two teenage girls, both named Marie, decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. This freewheeling, madcap feminist farce was immediately banned by the government.

Jem Cohen & Peter Sillen
2000, 78 min

BENJAMIN SMOKE is the highly acclaimed documentary on legendary underground musician Benjamin. BENJAMIN SMOKE follows the crooked path of this fringe-dweller, speed-freak, occasional drag-queen and all-around renegade living in the hidden Atlanta neighborhood called „Cabbagetown,“ and playing with his band Smoke.

BEFORE STONEWALL: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community
John Scagliotti, Greta Schiller
1984, 87′, EN , ENsub

In 1969 the patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City’s Greenwich Village decided to fight back, transforming a routine police raid into three nights of rioting which marked the beginning of the Gay Liberation movement.

Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills
2007, 74′, EN, ENsub

A full-length documentary following the close relationship between identical twins Mark and Alex as Alex undergoes a transformation into a woman named Clair.
RED WITHOUT BLUE, whose title refers to the colors the twins wore as children to distinguish between the two, provides a difficult, but ultimately optimistic look at the experiences of growing up gay and transgender in rural Montana, USA.