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We want your feedback, criticism, input, and ideas!
What do think of queer diy film(-making)s?
ANY inspiration you got out of ENTZAUBERT?
Let’s share our thoughts and discuss!
…in deutsch und englisch

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Francoise Doherty, Mel Hogan
Montreal 2008, 3’15

Andrea Behrendt
Berlin 2008, 28′

EIne Doku der Queer Performance Gala während den Geburtstagsfeiern der Köpi 2008

Lynn Breedlove, Jen Gilomen
San Francisco 2007, 16’34, EN

To Jim, speed in its various forms is everything — a pursuit, a vice, and the thing that courses through his veins. Even though his boss still calls him ‚Elizabeth,‘ Jim loves his bike messenger job, because it enables him to be doing one of his favorite things: going fast. Really fast. The other thing he loves doing is his genius punkstar stripper girlfriend, Ally, who keeps critical theory and lube on the nightstand. She‘d live in a paper box with him, and Jim has given up speed (in its drug form) to be with her. But when he plays hooky for love and gets fired, addiction calls, and he gambles on the one person who really understands him.

Für Jim bedeutet Speed [Geschwindigkeit] in allen seinen Formen alles – die Jagd, das Laster, und das Zeug, das sich seinen Weg durch seine Venen bahnt. Auch wenn ihn sein Boss noch immer “Elizabeth” nennt, liebt Jim seinen Fahrradkurierjob, weil es ihm eines ermöglicht: schnell zu sein. Richtig schnell.
Das zweite, das Jim liebt, ist seine geniale Punkrockstar-Stripper Freundin Ally, die auf ihrem Nachtisch “kritische Theorie” und Gleitgel bereitstehen hat.
Für sie hat Jim Speed (in Drogenform) aufgegeben, doch als er seinen Job verliert, ruft das alte Muster und er setzt die eine Person aufs Spiel, die ihn versteht.

Mary-Beth Volker, 11min
Berlin 2008 length, noSP
Genre/ Keywords: Erotic, Bikes

MOUTH Pauline Bondry
Berlin 2006 36′, EN
Genre/ Keywords: musicvideo, feminism, doku

Filmed in a diary format, A Street Angel with a Cowboy Mouth documents Rhythm King & her Friends‘ European tour, undertaken shortly after the release of their first LP “I am disco” with Kitty-Yo. Concert footage from Stockolm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Geneva, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Athens or Rome is supplemented with the rarely seen side of touring: backstage life, the travel, the encounters along the way.

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RU/ Desub

RU/ Desub

RU/ Desub

RU/ DEsub

An activist from a artistic action group from Novosibirsk shows us Videos of different actions and talks about the situation in Sibiria The talk will be held in either German, or English or both – depending on participating people.

Ein Aktivist einer künstlerlischen aktionistischen Gruppe aus Nowosibirsk zeigt uns Videos von verschiedenen Aktionen und erzählt von der Situation in Sibirien. Das Gespräch kann auf Deutsch oder Englisch, abhängig von den Teilnehmer_innen, stattfinden.

INTENDO SER YO: Identidades sexuales y estereotipos en la „comunidad“ de Chueca en Madrid
[„I try to be myself“: Sexual identities and stereotypes in the Chueca „community“ in Madrid ]
Wiesnerova, Febrer, Anguita, Oudheusden, Pitzen, Diego
Madrid, 20’00, ES only

In contemporary Madrid, LGBT minorities have strong background and corresponding support especially in the old part of the city center called Chueca which now belongs to one of the most famous and sought-after bases of LGBT community. It used to be a run-down district a few years ago before it was changed by means of financial involvement of large gay community into stylish „barrio gay“ with flowering business focused particularly on LGBT clients, however, mostly on certain type of gay men. The attitude to highly commercialized Chueca among non-heterosexually defined people from Madrid, who very often see it as the base of stereotypes, seems to be rather ambiguous, even though they tend to pragmatically take advantage of all that it offers. This short documentary, made from the critical perspective of queer analysis, is an outcome of the first phase of ethnographical fieldwork about LGBTIQ+ movement and sexual diversity in Madrid. In four presented interviews we ask our informants how they identify themselves and what is their opinion and relation to „barrio Chueca“ and its „community“ in Madrid.

RM Vaughan
Toronto 2004, 3’30, EN
Genre/ Keywords: experimental

Using his own lumpy body as a template, artist RM Vaughan explores differing reactions by various audiences to the blunt reality of having a non-commodifiable body in the age of supermodels. Alternately scathing and self-deprecating, “Hate” dishes out (and takes) some unhappy truths about “beauty” and art.

ida wilde and frantz levin

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Filmemacher_in anwesend / director present

Jason Barker
London 2005, 16′, EN

The result that comes out, when a bunch of dykes, trannies and queer send an afternoon filming in a backhouse/garden in London. Kidnapping. dildo obsessions, cowboys and way much more..

DUPE OD MRAMORA [Marmorarsch]
Zelimir Zilnik
Serbien 1994, 87′, SR/ DEsub

In this Serbian anti-war film, radical Serb director Zelimir Zilnik promotes his view that it is better to make love than to make war. The heroes are a transvestite, Merlin, and Sanela, a prostitute. They live together in a suburban home outside of Belgrade. Dzoni, who has recently come back from fighting on the Bosnian front, is the aggressive and heavily armed bad-guy. He desperately needs sex to mellow out his destructive urges.

Ein heruntergekommenes Haus in den Außenbezirken von Belgrad ist Zuflucht einer merkwürdigen Clique von Kriegsverweigerern. Marilyn, ein Transvestit, arbeitet als Hure und glaubt, so einen persönlichen Beitrag zur Befriedung des Balkans zu leisten. Sanela, ebenfalls Transe, läßt sich von einem Bodybuilder aushalten. Dzoni, ein Kriegsheimkehrer, und sein Kumpel schlagen sich mit krummen Geschäften durch. Die Verlorenheit der Menschen, die Kriegstraumata und alltägliche Schwierigkeiten des Überlebens münden in eine Spirale von Gewalt und Gegengewalt. Ein Film über eine Gesellschaft im Kriegszustand, ein Abgesang auf eine ganze Zivilisation.