download the complete program booklet here: program2010!
we will also have print outs at the festival

du kannst das ganze programm hier: program2010 runterladen!
…beim festival gibts auch fertig gedruckte..

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1.july, donnerstag
17h Gender Fluidity (present: Vika Kirchenbauer, Tom Weller, Julia Rivera, Bradley Fayki, Michael V. Smith)
18h30 Forbidden Fruit ; Simon and I
20h30 The Moral Revolution [Premiere!]
22h Absent Present

2.july, freitag
15h Accion Mutante – Wir wollen nicht integriert werden!
17h Format This! (queer-experimental shorts)
18h30 Queer China, ‚Comrade‘ China (Original mt EN UT)
20h Books of James (EN mit DE UT)
22h Maggots and Men

…& soup in the evening!

3.july, samstag
17h Queer Resistance Now (The Chubtsers present: Charlotte Cooper!)
18h30 Here; Metropol Sürgünleri -Die Vertriebenen der Metropole
20h GenderFictionScienceTrash (Shorts)
22h Femmes&Heroes (Shorts)

…& food in the evening!

…und nach den Filmen::::
QueerOmatic ! mit berlin femme mafia & mehr !

4.july, sonntag
17h Me And Nuri Bala /Ben ve Nuri Bala (türkisch/kurdisch with engl subt)
18h30 The Sheep and the Ranch Hand
20h30 Canadian First Nations (with Thirza Cuthand and others)
22h Verzaubert