feel free to print it out, hang it up in your town, send it to friends, filmmakers etc:
download the callout 2011 here (PDF)

if you‘re going to submit something, use this please:
download entryform2011 here (PDF)

sending us this information makes it easier to layout the program guide, also we would like to know how we will handle the film after the festival.

- it should be possible to fill out the form digitally. please print it out and mail it along with your submission.
if possible, send the information (either as a PDF file or copy-pasted information) also via Email to entzaubert[at]gmail [dot]com
thank you!

unfortunately, our riseup account is exploding and the amounts of contacts are difficult to handle…
so we reluctantly moved to gmail…

for more information and background of the festival visit this page:

callout 2011 jpeg