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Call for participation


entzaubert queer d.i.y. filmfestival collective training camp
4. – 7. August 2016

This year entzaubert will be holding a special event over 4 days, diving deep into the archives, to increase the visibility of one of the world’s few DIY self-organized queer film archives.

we invite you to take a look at our archives, to work practically on maintaining the films, with the goal of developing an accessible self-organized sustainable independent DIY queer film archive.

through this collective training camp we hope to find fresh perspectives on the archives: reflecting on film submissions, selection process and programming; exchanging about DIY collective work practices, distribution and economies – through hands-on as well as conceptual workshops, panels and discussions.

We are looking for people with specific experiences to take part.

1. Filmmakers to share their methods of DIY distribution.

2. DIY organizers who would like to participate on panels about, for example:
….. collective work practices
….. DIY, self-organizing, economies, funding
….. practical oriented tools for conflict resolution

We are happy to read any proposal if you have other ideas.

We especially encourage and would like people to join and be a part of entzaubert who experience racism, and other forms of oppression such as; trans*phobia, misogyny, fatphobia, ableism, classism, and their intersections.

Please send us a paragraph about yourself and how you‘d like to participate.

Deadline: 20th July 2016

Email address: entzaubert [at] gmail (dot) com

filmmakers exchange space !

samstag und sontag laden wir ein zum austausch unter queer (d-i-y) filmemacher_innen, bzw alle, die sich in dem feld betätigen. sei’s hinter der kamera, davor, unsichtbar in make-up, requisite, aufbau am set, regie und so weiter.
lasst uns zusammen kommen und erfahrungen austauschen, über produktionswege, einkommensstress, prekarität,
wird auf englisch sein, evtl mit flüsterübersetzung.
ausführlicher ankündigungstext hier


download complete program in PDF format

entzaubert festival program booklet 2014

or scroll through list of films here

[trying best to upload links and images, however, extremely busy with setting up the festival site]


help us set up the venues

film project during entzaubert !

this year during entzaubert there will be a „double“-film-team creating a crossover-documentary-fiction-project! we are so curious and excited to have a crew directing film szenes for fictional parts with actors, while a second team will be documenting the film festival.

you can read more details on their tumblr-experimental film diary: please also concider to support their wonderful project financially, and visit their ulule-crowdfuning-campaign

all three directing filmmakers have had their work screened in the past festivals, or also this year, and/or participated in other ways, like giving workshops, supporting organizing members etc. Inspired by the atmosphere during entzaubert and the communities attending, the script follows a story between individuals attending the festival, while the organizers of the festival are also being portrayed.

„It´s a hybrid drama-documentary that blends boundaries between fiction, realism, subjective and objective form, the festival and the characters who attend it. Such ephemeral places can be where people with non-majority positions reflect and empower one another, find intersections between their struggles, and those of others and to feel a sense of safety in numbers.“

während dem entzaubert-festival wird ein „doppel-“filmteam ein Doku-Spielfilm-Projekt realisieren! ein team wird hauptsächlich szenen mit schauspieler_innen drehen, mit Tonaufnahme, Kameras, Set-AL usw, während ein zweites Team sich auf die Dokumentation des Festivals konzentrieren wird.

Alle drei Filmemacher_innen, die dieses experimentelle Projekt entwickeln, haben in der Vergangenheit, und/oder in diesem Jahr Filme im Festival, und sich auf andere Weise am festival beteiligt, mit Workshops, Aufbau, Türschichten usw, sind also eng verbunden mit entzaubert. Von der Atmosphäre und den vielen Menschen, die das Festival anzieht, inspiriert, wird das Festival anhand einer Geschichte von drei-vier Hauptdarsteller_innen erzählt, die das Festival besuchen und mithelfen.

Wir hoffen auf euer Interesse und eure Unterstützung! Bitte helft uns und dem Film-team, dieses spannende Projekt umzusetzen!

mehr infos zu hintergrund, personen, wie du helfen kannst, kosten zu decken etc
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