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subtitle call #2

looking for subtitlers!!
mainly en > german

as the selection is almost finalized, we re on the way to get as many subtitles done as possible!
not all filmmakers can do this themselves, so they/we need help with this!

we cannot offer teaching this year, unfortunately no capacities to organize… sorry!

please get in touch when you have done it before!
-- or: in case YOU would be able to organize this workshop yourself <3
get in touch if you are able and willing to do this for the filmmaker_s and entzaubert-accessibility

entzaubert[aet]gmail[dot]com subject „subtitle help“

wir suchen immer noch nach mehr untertitler_innen!
vor allem für english ins deutsche, auch umgekehrt

leider können wir dieses jahr keinen workshop mehr organisieren
-- falls du einen anbieten möchtest, gerne!!!!
ansonsten melde dich wenn du bereits untertitelt hast / software+technik da hast etc

building days

dear handy grrrls‘n‘bois*, dear craf­ty-​ar­ty-​buil­ding bun­nies!

we are preparing and organizing like crazy — this weekend we will need your help with the preperation of the space!
saturday 10.mai and sunday 11.mai 12-17h
you are invited to join us on schwarzer kanal.
more details on the page

we are looking forward to see you!

* * * EXTENSION * * *

we have officially extended the deadline for your submissions !

send your work in ! until march 15

more details here


< " *^* hello ! entzaubert is back ! *^* " >


7th entzaubert festival will be on 3. – 6. july 2014!
> here’s the call out !

please send us your entry form by 1. march !
to this NEW adress::: ent­zau­ber­t2014en­tri­es [AET] gmail com !!
download of the entry form (rtf)
entry form 2014 EN
einreichformular 2014 DE
formulaire 2014 FR


*** entzaubert 7 in 2014 ***

* * * news * * *
the current festival team has decided to host the next festival in the summer of 2014!
we will be open to your submissions later this year — watch this space to find the call out !

what is happening this year?

dont you worry, entzaubert is staying with you during 2013 ;)
we are planning to organize a few small events throughout the year: like guest curations, mini-entzauberts, workshops, discussions etc

old postal adress
IMPORTANT: please do not send anything to the postal adress published in the old entry forms!!
there will be a new adress published soon !
until then, get in touch with us via email entzaubert AT gmail DOT com