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good copy – bad copy

a documentary about the current state of copyright and culture.

watch online here:
good copy bad copy

tom de pekin / Puyo Puyo

Queer Beograd 2005

QueerBeograd is a group of people who decided to stand against the violence; Because first attempt of organizing Pride Parade in Belgrade in 2001. was blocked by large group of violent homophobic hooligans; because this violence is a result of politics of war, clericalism, nationalism, militarism and machismo that has been mainstream politics in Serbia during last 15 years; Because second attempt to make LGBTIQ community and politics visible on streets of Belgrade in 2005. Here is the video about second street action of queers in Serbia.


short animation film on non-heterobinary wc signs

travel queeries

Travel Queeries is a documentary film about the radical queer scene in Europe. Here is an extended trailer/sneak peak at the film which will premier in 2009.