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14. & 15. april 2012
New China, Queer China
recent queer Chinese documentaries
with filmmaker Fan Popo

all films with english subtitles

Program I
*** New China, Queer China***
samstag/ 14. april, 15h
Silverfuture (Weserstr. 206)

Program II
***Be a Woman***
sontag/ 15. april, 19h
Berlin Avantgarde (Nollendorfstr. 11/12)

We are pleased to welcome Fan Popo, queer Chinese documentary filmmaker and current chair of the Beijing Queer Film Festival. In two different screenings, he will present recent queer Chinese works, looking at family relations, a street intervention, festival activism, and a unique drag bar. Popo will be present to answer your questions after each program.

A co-presentation with entzaubert Queer DIY Film Festival, Berlin Avantgarde Gallery, and Beijing Queer Film Festival. All films in Mandarin with English subtitles. Both programs are free admission, with donations collected to support the festival in Beijing and Popo’s travel.

***Program One: New China, Queer China***
Time: Saturday 14 April at 3pm
Location: Silverfuture, Weserstr. 206

Mama Rainbow (trailer)
6 min. China 2012
Four mothers stand firmly by their queer children, defying homophobic attitudes and redefining Chinese family love. The full film will be finished in 2012.

New Beijing New Marriage
18 min. China 2009
On Valentine’s Day in 2009, a gay couple and a lesbian couple have their wedding photos taken on a busy street in Beijing. Would bystanders understand what was going on?

Our Story – 10 years “guerrilla warfare” of the Beijing Queer Film Festival
Dir: Beijing Queer Film Festival Organizers
42 min. China 2011
For ten years the Beijing Queer Film Festival has battled official oppression and homophobia to fight for more visibility for gay and lesbian issues in China. This film documents this struggle and the “guerrilla tactics” used by the festival’s organizers.

***Program Two: Be a Woman***
Time: Sunday 15 April at 7pm
Location: Berlin Avantgarde, Nollendorfstr. 11/12

Be a Woman
84 min. China 2011
On Gonghe Road in Nanning, southwestern China, there’s a bar called Only-Love, where luxurious merry-making happens every night. Three years of faithful documentation reveals an intimate look at this little-known drag queen subculture, bringing visibility to lives of beauty and occasional sadness.

Minientzaubert 23.10.09: The program.

on Friday 23 Oct, 8pm
Freitag 23. Oktober 20h
Schwarzer Kanal, Michaelkirchstr 20, 10179 Berlin

Within the Queer and Rebel-days, the Entzaubert crew has
organized a special program on the theme of queer resistance.
Resisting capitalism, homophobia, conformity, gender stereotypes,
racism, globalization, assimilation, HIV stigmatization,
gentrification, and nuclear-powered central heating!

Innerhalb der Queer und Rebel Tage auf dem Schwarzen Kanal, präsentiert Entzaubert Filme von und über Queer Widerstand im weitesten Sinne:
Queers widersetzen sich : dem Kapitalismus, der Homophobie, Systemzwängen, Gender-Stereotypen, Rassismus, Globalisierung, Anpassung, HIV-Stigmatisierung, Gentrifizierung*, und atomstromheizungen!

*ua. städtebaulicher Prozess, bei dem in einem Wohngebiet eine statusniedrige Bevölkerung durch eine statushöhere Bevölkerung ausgetauscht wird.

As always, our screenings are free, but we‘re happy to accept
donations. We‘ll screen outdoors, so don‘t forget to wear something
warm, and maybe bring a blanket. We‘ll also have a campfire and bar,
so please do join us for drinks, both hot and cold!

Wie immer Eintritt frei, Spenden willkommen!
Die Filme werden eventuell draussen gezeigt (Regenschutz vorhanden!), zieht auch warm an und bringt decken mit! :) Es gibt auch feuers und heisse getränke an der Bar!

[----> wir versuchen, möglichst allen englischen Filmen entweder deutsche Untertitel zu verpassen oder zumindest englische Transkription < ----]

Total duration: 102 minutes plus intermission and Q&A
--- mit Pause und Filmemacherfragerunde ---

O Happy Day
dir. Charles Lofton
6min USA 1996

Imagines the early days of gay liberation for black gay men by
juxtaposing images of black men from late 60s and early 70s films with
images of Black Panther Party demonstrations, as a way of
intentionally revising history.
Komposition von Mitschnitten und Bildern u.a. von Black Panther Aktionen der 60/70er Jahre.

dir. Lisa G
7min Canada 2008

A nurse’s recollection of psychiatric care circa 1949 in Riverview -
British Columbia’s 600 acre mental health care facility.
Eine Krankenschwester erinnert sich an ihre Arbeit um 1949 in einer großen Psychatrie in British Columbia (Westkanada), Riverview.

The Contender
dir. Gracie Bucciarelli
6min USA 2005

Shot on 16mm, this short film about strength, gender, myth, fitness
training and the revolution features the shadow-boxing alter ego of
Stormy Henry Knight as he goes through his paces. You gotta be fit for
the struggle.
Trainingsprogramm! Contender handelt von Stärke, Gender, Mythos, Fitness, Training, (Über-)Leben und Revolution!

dir. Nguyen Tan Hoang
4min USA 2000

Portrays the feeling of sadness when one loses a friend and object of
love through a change in gender.
Persönliche Erzählung über mehrschichtige ComingOuts und das Verlieren einer Liebe.

Rock Pockets
dir. Trevor Anderson
5min Canada 2006

A sugar rush of sex, politics, and rock ‚n‘ roll, as seen through the
eyes of a ten-year-old boy at the fair.
Rummel, Teenager, Sexualität, Stereotypen – und Rock´nRoll !!

I Luv Soccer!
dir. Davis McKenzie
3min Canada 2006

Can a boi play girls soccer? An ethnographic look at a half-breed homo
on the all-native tournament circuit.
Kann ein Junge beim Mädchenfussball mitspielen?

dir. Kai Egener
5min Canada 2007

Not every act of resistance is loud and strident. In this almost
silent short, a quiet person demonstrates a surprising ability to stay
true to herself.
Nicht jeder Widerstandsakt ist laut und schrill. In diesem fast stummen und kurzen narrativen Film demonstriert uns ein stiller Mensch wie sie sich selbst gegenüber treu bleibt.

dir. Charles Lum
15min USA 2009

A hybrid AIDS auto-documentary, amateur porn, and observational
journalistic document that uses split-screens to continuously
re-contextualize and re-conceive gay sex and AIDS narratives.
Eine Auto-Doku, Amateur-Porn, und beobachtendes journalistisches Dokument.
Mit geteiltem Bildschirm wird schwuler Sex und AIDS-Geschichte(n) in neue Zusammenhänge gebracht und verändert wargenommen.

Kai Egener und Charles Lum werden anwesend sein!
Q&A with guest artists Kai Egener and Charles Lum


Resist! Show ‚em what they can kiss…
Germany 2009

What happens at Schwarzer Kanal during eviction day? A collaborative
DIY video made in one week for Queer & Rebel Wagentage. World
Was passiert eigentlich an dem Tag, an dem der Schwarze Kanal geräumt werden soll??
Eine TurboKurzfilmDIY-Produktion ! Weltpremiere !

16min Poland 2008

A candid portrait of the Elba squat in Warsaw, looking not only at the
successes of autonomous life, but also the problems of group dynamics.
Ein offenherziges Portrait des besetzten Hauses „Elba“ in Warschau.
Hier wird nicht nur auf die erfolgreichen und positiven Seiten selbstorganisierten Lebens geguckt, sondern auch auf die Probleme.

The Battle of Tuntenhaus
dir. Juliet Bashore
25min UK 1991

The Tuntenhaus („House of Queers“) was originally a squat on Mainzer
Str. in East Berlin. This gritty verité documentary follows the
fortunes of the Tuntenhaus throught the days of anarchy and riots that
followed German reunification to the sudden invasion by 3000 West
German police, armed with tanks and tear gas in a massive operation to
evict them.
Das Tuntenhaus in der Mainzer Strasse während der legendären 90er in Friedrichshain… Anarchie&Strassenkämpfe nach der Widervereinigung — und mitten drin das Tuntenhaus! (mehr…)

Queer&Rebel MiniEntzaubert

am freitag den 23.oktober
QUEER ACTIVISM im weitesten sinne…
im rahmen der queer&rebel&wagentage zeigt minientzaubert kurze und längere filme von und über und mit queers und aktivist@nen
mehr dazu hier später
friday october 23rd
within the queer&rebel&wagentage
minientzaubert will present a selection of short and longer movies made by/about/with queers and activism
more later!

trailor Rock Pockets (Trevor Anderson)

Mini-Entzaubert 24.04.09

The next mini-entzaubert will take place on the 24th of april at Schwarzer Kanal from 8p.m.
We will be screening the film XXY by Lucía Puenzo (VO with english subtitles)

mini-entzaubert jan 09

british cultpunkfilm from 1977! for reviews look at this site or here (wikipedia)
homocore minneapolis :
documentary about the musical scene in Minneapolis, focusing on the queer punk groups, whose style is also called Homocore. Ganser interviews members of groups such as Tribe 8, The Misfires, The Butchies, representatives of the style.

Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal
Michaelkirchstrasse 20